Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alien Cave #7

Here's a clue for those of you who are playing the game.
Pit Stop in the Mojave ..

"Where are you...!"

Quixotic Quest .. A photo of Crisman at the beginning, searching for the keys.
Mystic drive through Joshua Tree ..

Suspcious government closing of Red Mountain facility ..

Randsburg Camp closed for visits ... The government closed this facility due to claims of hazardous exposure to organic toxins, if so, why is there a mobile home park withing 500 feet of the old mine?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

From Roswell NM to Red Mountain CA

I've run from Roswell to Red Mountain ..
The Lost Dutchman, Arizona - Arizona
I've had several encounters with aliens along with dark agents out in the backland of the Dutchman .. Once, while searching for gold with a mysterious local guide who claimed a direct linage with an Indian named Red Sleeve from back in the day of Cochise (the way this mysterious guide tells it.., is that he was there, yes, back in the day WITH Cochise... So who am I to question the claims of a proper time traveler on the grandeur of his epic adventures?). Regardless, on that day in the desert wilderness, with my strange, yet trusted guide, I witnessed several unusual craft hoovering a mile or so north of the Dutchman in the waning light of day. One of the UFOs was shaped like a diamond, with red, blue, and green lights swirling throughout the center points... And the second UFO was similar in shape and design, yet it's structure periodically shifted from pointed to a rounded definition with defused blunted light sparking randomly throughout its body. The abridged version is, that, after watching these craft for twenty minutes or so, as darkness fell, they simply lifted straight up and high into the night sky, with the diamond shape UFO appearing to tow the other into the dark oblivion of the star studded Arizona night. Another notable adventure (out of many) brought several dark agents upon me as I lay next to a dwindling fire. Supposed rangers.., or some crap. Two of the seven spoke to me insisting that I pack and move on... Immediately! They were exceedingly persuasive, one of the men resembled a government man I had met in northern NM some time ago, he looked a bit like William Reich. Ironically, the reason they gave was that I had to move, "Due to a weather enhancement program - in process." Ironic that I thought the one guy resembled Reich. Regardless, I packed up and headed off. I have more stories, and, I am certainly not the only one with such.., the Dutchman is rich with strange lore..., regardless, it's one of my favorite places here on planet Earth. Besides who doesn't like the Gila Monster?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alien in the road

"Thanks for the birthday wishes... I'm having cake with my favorite alien on a lonely desert highway." Lee-
David B MacLeod askes: What's more out of place in this picture, with the rugged landscape of the Desert, the Alien or the telephone poles n wires. I think the poles n wires are photoshopped. Happy Birthday Mr. Crisman. 28 minutes ago · Unlike · 1 Lee Crisman responds: I can appreciate your scrutiny Mr. MacLeod, and, certainly, thank you for your best wishes on my birthday, however, I feel compelled to say that anything I post is very real and very untouched. This creature introduced himself to me a Sargus B from Zeptar 6... (not sure on either spelling) Although I don't know if he/she is from the "hard" galaxy", or, if Sargus B is an inter-dimensional traveler, I am sure he/she is damn ugly. The creature's boots are the only thing which appear to be human-crafted.., hence, scrutiny of my own has arisen to the alien's authenticity. Regardless, when I questioned Sargus B over the apparent earthly origin of the boots, (over a bottle of Old Overholt Rye, by the way), Sargus B indicated that he took them off some smart mouthed teenager on a quadrunner who had flipped him the Bird. As to the telephone poles, they are really there, obviously part of the grid used by the government Evil Eyeball to watch each and every one of us. 60982345BZ3:/// for those with the proper access code you may enter the site @ leecrismanradio.com Also. Crisman lends his voice to the diverse musical stream @ PlutoRadio.com