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Billy Jock...

"Look.. This is stupid. A guy calls into my radio show and says his name is Billy Jock. First, should I believe any rational parent would name his/her kid Billy Jock, second, he's an out an out tool once you talk to him. So should I even bother to listen..? To entertain anything he says? The throng of pop media wants you to think the Billy Jocks of the world are relevant. I am here to tell you that they are not relevant. We should be a thinking/action society, which, we are not. Billy Jock is given the attention and we run out to Starbucks, suck on some great coffee, and, well.., we seem to forget the rest."

 - Lee Crisman

Friday, September 28, 2012

 "Sometimes.., when I'm on the run and I end up on unexpected places in the desert I think that the landscape is more a moonscape than anything on the planet.  The funny thing is that thinking that way helps me to understand why my perception is that I'm being chased by Outworlders...  Like I said.  It's a moomscape.  Why shouldn't inner-dimensional beings be chasing me on the moon?"  

-  Lee Crisman.

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To take up the sword...

'Charlemagne set out to protect us from ourselves...  There's some root to the Crisman connection with this ancient king.  At least that is what I believe to be true.  My observations indicate that you do have to take up the mystical sword if you want to get cut.  Why not the sword of a Templar!"

 - Mother Saint John of the Cross (aka Ogone Man)

"I have to admit, most humans involved in this conspiracy crap tend to be nut bags and are exceptionally difficult to understand.  Take John Craft for example...  Nut bag!  Yet, tenacious and very likable..."  

-  Lee Crisman

Friday, September 21, 2012

An Abundance of Rubbers in the Deset Sand.

Rubbers in desert sand ..// noc###
"Yes, it is part the so-called government, it's is also part corporate lust, but, worse, and most often, it is the solo human who both reckless and willingly lays our resources to ruin.  Alien head or not, the multitude of discarded rubbers in the desert sand show me that a crass mentality (along with, perhaps, a vapid soul) is the predominate starting point for the human fall down on this planet.  The bad guys simply play on our indifference and wet the whistle of our indulgence making "the compliance" easy to come by."

- Lee Crisman 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Orgone - repost: THE CRISMAN ARCHIVE


Original publication date:  06/22/2007
Re-Published /2008 Google Docs



Wilhelm Reich
Orgone energy is described as a "Primordial cosmic energy."  It has also been called "Universal life energy."  Dr. Wilhelm Reich (pictured left) is typically credited with the discovery of Orgone energy.  Reich claims to have discovered Orgone sometime in the late 1930s.  Reich was born March 24, 1897 and died on November 3, 1957.  He was a respected analyst who was an advocate of adolescent sexuality, use of contraceptives along with the importance of economic freedom for women.  His theories on Orgastic Potency as the foremost criteria for positive psycho-physical health pushed him outside of the mainstream of the psychological community in his time.  His discovery of Orgone energy ended up getting him in trouble with the U.S. department of Food and Drug Administration.  The FDA filed suit against Reich for shipping his Orgone devices across the state border.  Reich decided to defend himself at this trial, which, he felt would give him the opportunity to advocate the use of his Orgone device.  The proceedings ended with Reich jailed for his legal indiscretion.  More on Reich's life can be found at the following web address.

WHAT IS ORGONE?  Since Mr. Reich's discovery and theories of the energy he named Orgone, many have manufactured devices which they claim produce the effect of Orgone energy.  Many produce devices by combining a cured fiberglass resin-A hydrocarbon compound with metal chips.  They claim that provides a matrix which is able to attract and contain Orgone energy.  I have been told that if you add crystals to the mix it intensifies the ability of the matrix and allows the operator to amplify his mental energies towards a specific task by focusing specific thoughts onto the Orgone device.  Sometimes the material mix utilized to create the Orgone device is referred to as Orgonite.

Orgone devices are used to promote good health by the operator.  People place them in dominate areas through their homes and living areas accepting the benefit of the radiant energy that each device creates.  Orgone is considered to have the ability to mute or destroy the affects of what is typically termed bad, or negative, energy flow, therefore, it is often utilized in the battle to suppress the reported government use of ELF and microwave cell phone towers as mind control devices on the human population.  The subversive army of Orgone supporters also champion other very practical uses of Orgone devices such as shutting down and/or disrupting Reptillian transport portals, sanitizing nuclear reactors, dissolving the powers of Satan at satanic ritual sites, reducing inter-dimensional frequency modulation preventing the travel from one dimension to the next, and, Orgone devices are credited in improved plant growth.  Orgone devices can be use offensively as well as defensively, but reportedly, only against those of evil intent.

These devices are sold on the internet, and instructions to manufacture your own Orgone device can easily be found through performing a basic web search.

04/20/2005  D. Fryye

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mother Saint John aka John Craft

 "When I met Crisman I realized rather quickly on that we shared common experiences that most "normal" people would never know.  We both spent long stints in the desert hiding out from unsavory elements, we were part of a brotherhood with shared enemies...  Agent "Sparkle" (as Lee affectionately referred to him) had it out for both of us.  "Sparkle" never appreciated how I interfered with the secret ELF transmissions throughout the region, and, his experiences and serious problems with bringing Lee Crisman into the "harmonization", both in Globe, AZ, as well as from as far back as in Crisman's Roswell days.  Crisman was a defiant, as well as, non-conforming..., qualities eager to be stamped out by the emerging evil eyeball crew.  Crisman was sure to be a thorn in the Agent "Sparkle's" side, and I was ready, willing, and somewhat able to assist Lee in his efforts." 

-  Mother Saint John aka: John Craft 
(on the subject of Lee Crisman's so-called "desert trek days")

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alignment and compliance .. New World Order!

8I8: #2299091111://entry Golden Squash
"Reports of alignment .. ?  There is a reported secret society that has fractured off of Templar society with a very strong base withing the United States.  They are a small band who are trying to change the tide.  This new human brotherhood is on course for a collision with New World Order, and, this small group opposes those with the power with-which to impose compliance on the throngs of distracted humans.  BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, and IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, all foretold of our eventual ruin as collective humans on the planet, yet, we continue to chomp on the stupid pills they dole out to us.  It's simple... Crisman knows better.  Keep your head down Lee!"  -  John Craft  (aka: Orgone Man)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Portion of a Recovered Radio Show #13 w/ Lee

Recovered audio: Lee Crisman, The Other Alien show #13. Lee talks about his first UFO encounter with his mom at the family home


Sunday, September 16, 2012

"This strange little American old west rack of wood structures can be found between the Roosevelt Dam Bridge, and Goldfield, AZ, or a more commonly known place. Phoenix, AZ.  This little pit stop is a once real townsite - Tortilla Flats, AZ.  Currently, Tortilla Flats could be described as a convenience store dressed up in replaced lumber to signify the Old West once almost thrived in this area.  With the exception of this rather large breasted mid thirties blonde behind the soda pop counter, I found Tortilla Flats rather uneventful.  (subsequent visits netted similar inspiration)  I will say, however, the drive through the canyons south on Apache Highway was/is breathtaking.  The Lost Dutchman region is one of my favorites, whether, I'm hiding out from the government, or, just taking a drive from the Roosevelt Dam Bridge to Goldfield..."  -  LEE

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Economy Inn, Globe AZ

The Little Red Beast parked in front of room #7 at the Economy Inn, Globe, AZ. On the run.  Crisman and Nolan spent the night here - going back to shoot a picture of Roosevelt Dam Bridge next to Lake Roosevelt in Arizona, USA.  Originally, Crisman suspected some sort of secret government facility buried under the Roosevelt Dam.., which is what originally brought him to the Globe, AZ area.., however upon inspection he concluded that it was just Ufologist myth.  Mr. Crisman did find several very related outposts for Jason Group type activities...  Reportedly, via intimidation, harassment, and arrest, Crisman did not spend much time in the area.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lee Crisman's "Strange Desert Loves"..

"Alien Highway"  - Lee
 Lee's credibility is often criticized, in part, because he speaks of his own experience with a quixotic fascination rather than a serious self examination, that, with, what appears to be a true lack of commitment to self-belief (or importance)...  His encounters  =  curious riddles to be solved under the night cactus. 

Yes, Crisman posses an audacious presence, along with a irreverent heart on the subject of the dark ones.

(The following is an example of Mr. Crisman's unusual outlook on the subject of his desert nights.)

Photo of Fuzz Beloved
"FUZZ BELOVED  is an earlier David Melbye project and I would say one of my favorite bands to hear on the commercial free Pluto Radio stream (  David also has a masterful current band - Heavy Water Experiments, which, I dig as well.  Mr. Melbye's music is truly vibrant, intelligent, and unique.  I am hoping to ask him to score the soundtrack to all my alien adventures, as well as to my strange desert loves."  -  Lee Crisman

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Orgone Man" ..

Tiger Eye - Orgone Accumulator J. Craft
John Craft met Lee back in the day while both were being subjected to the scrutiny of what both men eventually referred to as "The Evil Eyeball" - which of course, would mean those pesky dark agents working for the man behind the curtain.  Wow, how convoluted is all that?  Many government operatives generally found Craft to be an annoyance, due to his habit of planting his Orgone devices next to antenna, usually on government property.  Craft has been described as a malcontent with a penchant and talent for harassing government as well as corporate entities.  Of course, the general public dismisses Orgone as a non-relevant subject.  However, to our knowledge, Mr. Craft is still on the warpath, planting H.H.G.s as well as his Tiger-eyed pyramids next to anything that may transmit E.L.F.,.  The mystical adventure continues.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I2091##### - ## random

I2091##### - ## random
".., sort of as a joke, I started referring the the government man as AGENT GLOOM.  I remember, John Craft thought it was funny at the time, and, so, it stuck.  (Although I would add that Craft fully understood the danger that we were all in due to Agent Gloom's appearance onto our little scene.)  It was kind of like calling the strange cipher I found in the Mojave, THE MYSTIC SURFBOARD.  I just can't help myself...  As lonely and beaten as I was at the time, the damn thing just looked silly...  Like it was somehow glaring at me out there in the desert sun.  The damn thing looked just like an alien jammed the ass end of a surfboard into the Mojave sand, and, I remember thinking exactly that.., that it looked just like a glittering mystical surfboard.  Really...  I suspect that most Earth humans would have taken the moment more serious."  -  Lee Crisman

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lee caught by Stalker Kimmy in Los Angeles...  Obviously post "Crisman's Manchurian Candidate" stage.  It's just a fun shot, so why not let you all see it.

"In the desert, in the city... Ms. Stalker is always on my heels.  The dark agents in the secret government are easier to loose than this crazy bitch." 
 -  Lee Crisman.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Unknown locations...

unavailable access code

Lee Crisman is no stranger to lost and unknown locations.  Our best guess is that this photo is either part of what Crisman refers to as "alien highway," or, it's off the 80 close to Bisbee, AZ.  We're not clear on the origin of this photo.  Regardless, it is clearly Mr. Crisman's "Little Red Beast."  Note, both headlights are in place, so perhaps this is early on in his strange desert trek.

Friday, September 7, 2012

LCH#1350 Near the Lost Dutchman

As many of you know, Lee Crisman has lived among the Arizona Saguaro, in villages, ghost towns, as well as cheap motels.  This shot is a file shot taken by Crisman.  We're not sure of it's relevance.

Those in the game.. Take your best guess.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

LCH#1214 The Blue House

Reportedly, Lee Crisman spent almost three years hiding out from the government.  This photo is said to have been taken early on at one of his favorite safe houses...  According to our sources, this photo of Lee was taken at one of his cherished desert holes...  "The Blue House."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

X- Files... Well, maybe not.

Quartsite AZ : unkonw code...

Most people don't get it..  Lee Crisman's out there trying to do what agent Mulder was doint in X-files - find the truth.  Difference is.., he's not a popular television show - he's the real deal!

Desert brush...

Unmarked code: IL91215874 A
"The desert sun is very hot  -  I state the obvious.  The terrain is rugged.  There is little shade to be had..., and there is a not-so-good taste to the dust. John Wayne's dream lies deep in the hard sand, and even real cowboys.., Indians.., and Mexicans lost blood and were buried in uneven piles of rocks, blistered by the scorpion's sting...  Regardless.., since the evil eyeball of the government dark agents prefer well manicured, cosmopolitan landscapes, and, more specifically, the air conditioning of the interiors of malls, and, of course they really dig riding on escalators in their dark astro suits...  The desert seems the right place to be for me.  Holed up, hid out, whatever...  Seems like the right place."  -  Lee.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hadji Ali as one of many signifiers ..

proper relevance; JL51393001 B
Hadji Ali was hired by the American army to train horses for desert duty in the Western Campaigns...  When he died in 1902, his attempts to turn the Americans into a camel riding outfit had failed and many of these Middle Eastern even toed ungulates had been let loose and charged the range on the great American desert...  Obviously, the horse won out.  Regardless, Lillian M. Gibson passed away and was laid to rest in the desert sun very close to Hadji's pyramid in western Arizona.  This is a photo taken by Mr. Crisman upon his visit to the area.  Some consider that it has meaning and relevance to his quest.

Monday, September 3, 2012

News from the "Blue House".

photo of Lee Crisman at the "Blue House" (LCH 1214)
"So, the story goes..., Crisman spent some time at a safehouse/hideout that he affectionately referred to as "The Blue House."  Where, reportedly, he was arrested by federal agents and he was then taken off to be "hospitalized" by the agents in the aforementioned report.  Claims made, mostly by Crisman, that appear to have little evidence in his favor, make little sense...  However, do keep in mind.., in a world where truth is twisted for the benefit of promotion why should anyone trust what Lee Crisman ever said on the subject?  Now you just think about that."

 -  Lee Crisman

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crisman near Red Mountain, CA.

photo was pulled from archival video
Lee Crisman near the Red Mountain compound in the Mojave desert.  Crisman holed- up in this area for over a year.  This photo was pulled from some archival footage shot by L. Vargas and is part of a project which attempts to chronicle some of Mr. Crisman's desert adventures.

"My time in the Mojave prior to landing in Roswell was a somewhat welcoming path.., solitude.., enlightenment.., desert stars full of moving lights and signs of things to come.., after I left Roswell and turned my energies to the West...  Well, the desert just got hairy then."  -  Lee.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012