Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Talk to cactus in the Mojave ..


"Remember to talk to you succulent buddies daily, add a touch of water from time to time and watch them grow..."  -  Lee Crisman

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lee Crisman : Non Conforming Bastard ...

This is an observation shot of Crisman's car in the Mojave near Red Mountain, CA.  During his more active period as a self-proclaimed "Non-conforming bastard" Mr. Crisman spent a lot of time meandering the hot sands in this portion of the great American desert.   For those who may not know he often referred to his Volkswagen GTI as the Little Red Beast.

FYI: for those who are new to this game...  According to Crisman a "Non-conforming bastard" = one who is hunted by the dark agents for the purpose and the performance of mental extrusion.

"They would like nothing more than to have the planet overpopulated with mentally vaporized juggernauts eager to conform.  Wait.., it would appear that they have largely succeeded already."  - Lee Crisman

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Roswell to Red Mountain ..

I've run from Roswell to Red Mountain ..
The Lost Dutchman, Arizona - Arizona
I've had several encounters with aliens along with dark agents out in the backland of the Dutchman .. Once, while searching for gold with a mysterious local guide who claimed a direct linage with an Indian named Red Sleeve from back in the day of Cochise (the way this mysterious guide tells it.., is that he was there, yes, back in the day WITH Cochise... So who am I to question the claims of a proper time traveler on the grandeur of his epic adventures?). Regardless, on that day in the desert wilderness, with my strange, yet trusted guide, I witnessed several unusual craft hoovering a mile or so north of the Dutchman in the waning light of day. One of the UFOs was shaped like a diamond, with red, blue, and green lights swirling throughout the center points... And the second UFO was similar in shape and design, yet it's structure periodically shifted from pointed to a rounded definition with defused blunted light sparking randomly throughout its body. The abridged version is, that, after watching these craft for twenty minutes or so, as darkness fell, they simply lifted straight up and high into the night sky, with the diamond shape UFO appearing to tow the other into the dark oblivion of the star studded Arizona night. Another notable adventure (out of many) brought several dark agents upon me as I lay next to a dwindling fire. Supposed rangers.., or some crap. Two of the seven spoke to me insisting that I pack and move on... Immediately! They were exceedingly persuasive, one of the men resembled a government man I had met in northern NM some time ago, he looked a bit like William Reich. Ironically, the reason they gave was that I had to move, "Due to a weather enhancement program - in process." Ironic that I thought the one guy resembled Reich. Regardless, I packed up and headed off. I have more stories, and, I am certainly not the only one with such.., the Dutchman is rich with strange lore..., regardless, it's one of my favorite places here on planet Earth. Besides who doesn't like the Gila Monster?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A famous Roswell bookstore ..

No proof that ?Xrisman ever worked here..
No proof that Xrisman ever worked here.. No proof that Xman ever worked here.. no proof that Xrisman ever worked here.. no proff that Xrisman ever worked here...

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crisman logo open for internet videos...

Great video open from/for various internet "Crisman" videos...  Lee use to post documentary style video with information regarding conspiracies, and/or alien, ufo contact, however, as most of us know, his material was pulled from internet due to "mysterious" conditions.  Regardless, I'm happy to post this video open."

Aurthur -

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quartzsite w/ the NASA hat

Another shot from Crisman on his "Desert Quest" - note the NASA hat.

Maggie and Aurthur -

Friday, January 18, 2013

Quartzsite AZ is part of the Crisman story.

Shot of Crisman on his "Desert Quest".   Walking the edge of the graveyard Quartzsite, AZ.  Mr. Crisman reportedly spent several months in this region pursuing his vision of the "alien answer."  This photo was shot by a local reporter.

Maggie and Aurthur -

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lee's car Highway 80 Arizona ..

Another reported sighting of Lee's abandon car on a remote stretch of Arizona highway...  Unlikely, since Lee's car has been out of commission for several years now." 

Missouri Milt - 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Milt's letter to Crisman show ...

We expect to get our hands on some more Crisman Roswell shows of THE OTHER ALIEN.  Hopefully, we will find a copy of the show Lee introduced us to Missouri Milt.  Here's the open to the letter Milt sent Lee with an account of bumping into the girl from room 1325 in Vegas.  Milt's a fun one for sure.

Also, remember If you would like to report a sighting, or, just leave a comment for Lee Crisman Radio our hotline number is 928.275.2072

We will keep you posted
Maggie and Aurthur -

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ted Owens conversation of SI

Posted a great new show from Lee Crisman from his Roswell days...  Lee interprets Ted Owens' story about Space Intelligences.  

Milt -

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The not so lonely desert

"The desert can be beautiful... and lonely.  It is easy to feel lost in it's vast emptiness, however, once you spend time there, it is even easier to realize that you are subject to the quarry of many peering eyes and alien creatures.., especially in the night - how quickly you can figure out that you are not alone."

- Lee Crisman

Monday, January 7, 2013

A face for radio ..

"Crisman started doing radio at the request of the Roswell bookstore owner who was letting him sleep in a small back room of the store.  Lee shared his mystical adventure with the store owner, and, the owner compelled Lee to talk to the people by using the internet.  That's how it all began folks.  We are lucky enough to replay some of this early work by Mr. Crisman on  Enjoy!"

Maggie and Aurthur -

Saturday, January 5, 2013


"We just loaded up the first section of a 2002 Roswell show, where Lee talks about OPERATION MIND CONTROL.  We expect to have more of this series of shows up over the next couple weeks.  Enjoy!"  

Our best
Maggie and Aurthur

Alien gravesite ..?

Lee in Quartzsite Arizona ..

-  Maggie and Aurthur

Friday, January 4, 2013

Alien Highway ..

Arizona 80..  Alien running alongside the roadway.  To my understanding this is taken from footage of a German documentary featuring the Crisman story."  Milt -

Outside Bisbee AZ

Crisman driving the backroads outside of Bisbee.

- Post by Maggie and Aurthur
(okay, this one was posted by me, Aurthur)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holed up... 29 Palms Hiideout.

This is the entrance to a house that Lee reportedly holed up in out near 29 Palms, California, which, of course put him close to The Giant Rock.

- Maggie

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Roswell's value ..

Crisman's ruffles listeners feathers by talking about Roswell as an alien scrap yard, and having nothing relevant to say about the alien agenda.
 "I'd like to keep my listeners aware of the fact that Roswell just happened to be a place where they crashed.  It wasn't there final destination. "  -  Lee Crisman.

In search of the evil ones...


A nice shot of Lee roaming the desert...  He is quoted as saying "I'm not sure if I was running away, or, too, something.., anything."  - regarding his lost desert excursion.

- Maggie

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Alien Cave in the Mojave

Lee Crisman Radio shared Lee Crisman's photo. July 19 Photo

Reportedly this is a cave in the Mojave that Crisman was brought into, and, later Sarge stormed in an attempt to free Lee from the dark elements.  It took me a couple weeks to locate this one, very near Red Mountain, California."

- Missouri Milt