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Indian Network in the great American desert

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interdimensional aliens ..

Interdimensional reptilians entering an abductee's bedroom

Interdimensional Reptilians

Interdimensional reptilians reside outside of our physical plane or dimension. They are composed of matter which vibrates at a frequency which is out of synch with the world our senses can perceive. It is theorized that this altered vibrational frequency (sometimes called "sub-space") is an astral plane where energy demons dwell or is where the energy from our soul matrix goes after our physical bodies die. In the absence of further evidence we will merely report these theories and not speculate on their validity.
The interdimensional reptilians are able to alter the vibrational frequency which seperates our dimension and theirs (also called the 4th dimension) in areas where nuclear testing has taken place due to alterations in the fabric of time-space. Some groups of interdimensional reptilians are able to freely enter and leave our dimension through portals that they create. Some of these portals have been torn by the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which accompany nuclear weapons testing. The appearance of interdimensional reptilians and their vehicles around nuclear test sites supports this premise. It is also possible that extraterrestrial reptilians are using the 4th dimensional vibrational flux as a means of transportation. Other groups of interdimensional beings are unable to enter our world as easily and must rely on 3rd dimensional agents to affect change in this dimension.
The greatest threat from the interdimensional beings centers on their need for the energies provided from emotional responses and their ability to manipulate the suggestive human consciousness. Through tools such as religion, nationalism, racism, and other emotionally charged conditions, they are able to provoke humans through stress, anger, guilt, and most of all FEAR, to engage in warfare against their fellow man, creating a vicious cycle of even more intense human emotions through the tragic results of these conflicts. The increasing number of senseless shootings at schools, day care centers and postal facilities is a direct result of the hunger of the reptilians. The emotional responses to reptilian orchestrated religious worship, global conflict, genocide, drug usage, sexual perversions and violence in general all provide these "psychic vampires" or "energy leeches" with a veritable cornicopia of energy to feast on. It's time we closed the buffet line.

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pop culture embraces the alien menace ...

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Those Ugly Alien Dudes ..

There's always been a theory dashing around humans. The theory is that there is life outside of our planet. That theory is technically correct, but I don't think it's really what you are looking for. There IS life outside our planet. A single life. A single alien. A very lonely alien. All it wants is a few friends. But sadly, it's too far for your technology to travel at this time.
It's constantly surrounded by the corpses of its creator and theirs before that and so on. For you see, the way this "species" works, is it births a single offspring with a single parent. The parent then proceeds to die, leaving the baby to live on its life. It has to walk through its world, knowing it's the reason its creator is dead. It's the reason there's another one of those lifeless shells is spread across its planet.

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Kenny talks about the "Father of our Universe" - the Grey Alien

Just added Crisman's Roswell interview with the "Lucid" abductee - Kenny.  Yes, Kenny, with very reverent comments about DNA, light frequencies, and electronic mind control.  Fun stuff from Crisman's closet of the Other Alien.  Gotta love the leecrismanradio .."

- Maggie and Aurthur

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Eisenhower w/ the Majestic Dozen ..

Another Roswell show of the Other Alien on

"We just posted a portion of Lee's Roswell show covering this weird phenomena...  In the show Lee reads this odd letter from a hypno therapist who deals with an "abductee therapy group" - strange stuff indeed!  But, always fascinating!  Thanks for tuning in with us at"  -
Missouri Milt -


We are noticing that abductees who have a history of being taken
>against their will, being physically examined and violated, and
>being studied in many ways, had been saying that abduction is
>wrong. That being taken out of one's bed or car against their
>will, sometimes experiencing awful, painful procedures, being
>lied to and given screen memories, being paralyzed and
>manipulated and controlled was offensive to them and frightening
>--- they are NOW suddenly changing their tune. What we are all
>hearing is that the abductors are showing them how everything
>happening to the abductees is for their own good and that the
>abductors are very advanced spiritual beings.
  (cut from actual testimony

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compiled by Joe Mason and Dee Finney


Part 1
By Joseph E. Mason and Dee Finney
Subj: 11:11
Date: 1/14/2002
From: Audrey@xxx

My name is Audrey and I live in Puerto Rico. I began experiencing recurrent 11:11's on digital clocks in my house and car. I got divorced on february 11, after been married for 11 years. My father was born on 11-11-36. Is this coincidence or what??????????
I read on Coincidence and 11:11, your email and I decided to write to you. Can you help find out what's going on.
Audrey C

(compiled by Joe Mason and Dee Finney) 

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More Majextic 12 ..

MJ-12 was set up by and answerable to President Truman. President Eisenhower however change it so that the group didn't have to answer to anyone, so that the Top Secret information wouldn't get into the hands of a "Soft" President that would give it all away.

All thirteen members had died by the time the briefing document was publicised, so none of the details could be checked out. What could be verified was the authenticity of the document, and it was "proven" to be fake. However the MJ-12 controversy still rumbled on with people saying that although the document has been proved to be a piece of disinformation, parts of it must therefore be true. The document touched upon the ROSWELL CASE, PROJECT BLUE BOOK as well as a number of other events all of which have been proved to be true by UFO researchers.

Opinions differ as to what Mj-12 could be if it exists, some say it was a simole committee that evaluated the UFO reports that came out of PROJECT BLUE BOOK, while others say they are running the CIA, FBI, and other more secret agencies. Some even think MJ-12 were the ones responsible for the assassination of JFK, because he wanted to expose them and let the public know everything.

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>We are noticing that abductees who have a history of being taken
>against their will, being physically examined and violated, and
>being studied in many ways, had been saying that abduction is
>wrong. That being taken out of one's bed or car against their
>will, sometimes experiencing awful, painful procedures, being
>lied to and given screen memories, being paralyzed and
>manipulated and controlled was offensive to them and frightening
>--- they are NOW suddenly changing their tune. What we are all
>hearing is that the abductors are showing them how everything
>happening to the abductees is for their own good and that the
>abductors are very advanced spiritual beings. 

  (cut from actual testimony

The Anakim people.., um, creatures..

The Elohim

The Elohim

A.K.A. The Anunnaki, The Vedas, The Anakim, The Nefilim, Jehovah, The Sons of God

This alien race made its first appearance on Earth millions of years ago. Coming from a planet in our own solar system which orbits the sun once every few thousand years (also called "the 12th planet"), they have genetically altered their DNA to stop the aging process and appear to be "immortal."
They mixed their DNA with primitive man in order to create a slave race to assist them with their mining efforts on this planet. Some of the members of this race attempted to aid the humans, giving them the ability to reproduce and attempting to remove the aging process from their DNA. These helpers of mankind rebeled against the plans of the leaders of the Elohim who wanted to keep man subservient. In doing this, they, along with any who attempt to free mankind from the enslavement of the manipulators of mankind, were labeled "EVIL." One of the few alien species we can trust to assist us in our battle for liberty are these rebel "Sons of God" (Genesis 6:4) or Nordics who have broken from the reigns of the collective and illuminated the path of rational self interest for man. 

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Keith F from Apple Valley Califonia vs. UFOs ..

On Sunday night, April 23, 2006, my girlfriend and I were just leaving a restaurant in Apple Valley, California. As we were getting into my car, my girlfriend commented on how nice the sunset looked that evening. While we stopped to admire the view, we noticed two unid
entifiable, disk-shaped objects in the sky. They appeared to be hovering above the neighboring city of Victorville, California. I quickly grabbed my digital camera from the car and took the following two exposures.
The first photo, showing two separate objects, was taken at 7:59:53 PM. The second photo was taken exactly forty seconds later, at 8:01:40 PM. You will notice that object number one had disappeared from view by the time the second photo was taken. We did not see where object one went - it simply disappeared! However, object number two was still hovering in virtually the same position - a full forty seconds after the first photo was taken!
Neither of the original photographs have been modified, with the exception that they have been scaled-down in size to make them more web friendly (the originals are 8.2 MP images). The color insets in photograph one are of the objects in their original resolution - directly out of the camera. I enlarged the images then adjusted the contrast on the black and white insets to better show the objects' details. I have no idea what these objects were or how one of them hovered virtually motionless for an extended period of time. Neither of the objects had flashing strobe lights (like one would expect to see on terrestrial aircraft) and I believe the objects were too small to be cloud formations. What I find extremely interesting is the fact that both of the objects have a reflective surface!
I would be extremely interested to hear if anyone else saw or photographed these objects in the skies above the Mojave Desert on April 23, 2006 or i
f anyone can offer an explanation as to what they were.
-Keith F. Apple Valley, California 

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More Area 51 ..

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What, Indeed, Are the "Facts" About Area 51?
Area 51 is a block of government land located north of Las Vegas.  It is surrounded by the Nellis Air Force Range.  The name "Area 51," which the government does not publicly acknowledge, supposedly came from a designation appearing on an old map of the Nevada Atomic Test Site.
Those who have managed to get close enough to the installation to take photographs have brought back images, which show nothing more than a few hangars and other surface structures.  It is believed that Area 51 actually stretches miles underground as part of an enormous subterranean military complex.  We do know that the exact coordinates of Area S4, an even more secretive part of the southern Nevada installation located not far from Area 51, are N37° 01' 40", W 115° 46' 35."
In the past, the installation at Groom Lake was used as a testing ground for super-secret military projects.  The U-2, A-12, SR-71 Blackbird, and F-117A were flight tested here long before being made public.  Since the government won't acknowledge anything about the facility, it's impossible to know what is going on there now.
Many think that Area 51 may have captured some space ships.
A widely circulated rumor holds that Area 51 was also home to another breed of spy plane in the late 80s and early 90s.  Dubbed "Aurora," this $20 billion plane supposedly ran on controlled explosions of cryogenic methane, which propelledl the triangular matte black aircraft to eight times the speed of sound.  Aurora may, conceivably, have left behind two pieces of evidence.  The first was a powerful "sonic wake" that some observers say tripped a trail of earthquake sensors beneath its flight path over the Mojave Desert in June 1991.  Other observers describe seeing a unique looking contrail in the air that resembled "doughnuts on a rope."

For those who believe in the lost hairy beast - Bigfoot Book ..

sasqyatcg book cover

..  I'm sitting on a white plastic chair in what seems like total darkness. Strapped to my chest and shoulders is an array of electronic gear--microphones, a video camera, a box that detects magnetic changes and a Geiger counter. Somewhere in the mix is a flashlight, the only device whose function I understand, and thus, the only device I cannot find.
In front of me, I can almost make out the sinister shapes of some truly spooky trees. Malevolent bugs are buzzing in and out of my eyes and ears, and it occurs to me that there must be a tavern open somewhere nearby, even in this remote corner of Utah. One hundred or more yards away, beyond a barbed-wire fence and a little creek, are my fellow paranormal rangers, equipped with their own video cameras, night-vision glasses and assorted scientific gear. They are supposed to be watching me to see if anything happens.
On this night, I am the bait. Bait for what, I wonder? The unspoken hope is my own inherent weirdness quotient might give me some sort of connection to the undeniably odd energy, or entity, that seems to have concentrated itself on this remote rural community, and, in particular, on this small ranch where I now sit, waiting for something to announce its presence.
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Aliens Helped Indians Beat Custer ...


Nucreature Blogspot - ON THE SOLID ROCK!

Area 51 Experimenting with Interdimensional Beings & Demons

It has long been rumored that Area 51 secretly houses aliens and alien technology discovered in a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico. I however have a different theory. I believe that there are indeed aliens in Area 51, however not the type aliens that you might think of in flying saucers coming to Earth from a distant planet. I am speaking of devious interdimensional beings that the Bible refers to as demons.

Many people don't realize this but Occult practice has largely to do with the summoning of spirit beings out of the spirit realm and into this realm. In the ancient days of the Greek and Roman Empires in pagan practice these spirits were known as "gods". Also in the Egyptian culture the same applies.

The Nazi's actually had a department of government that taught and researched mysticism and the occult. Hitler was known to be very powerful in occult practices. After the war the U.S. went into the cold war with Russia and the race began to gather up all the Nazi German Scientist and the like and offered them freedom in exchange for their knowledge. Is it possible that our nation scooped up some Nazi occultist researchers.

Even in the hippy culture of the late 1960's early 70's, the practice of occult became popular among the youth. Such leaders as Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson lead a whole generation of youth culture into occult practices which promised them freedom, but actually released the forces of darkness into their lives. Not only their lives but demonic strongholds have exponentially gripped the American culture since the 1960's counter-culture revolution. Robert Anton Wislon, proclaimed himself to be a scientist that experimented with "alternate realities". Wilson was no scientist he was indeed a witch and a sorcerer who conjured up demonic forces and if he experimented with anything it was occult power.

The question is: "Is the American government or the "powers that be" experimenting in Area 51 with demon powers?" I know that this all sounds like strange conspiracy theory nonsense, and indeed it is a theory, but how probable is it? After all the Nazi's did it and they were able to brainwash an entire nation. One of the main functions of this evil power is to "change reality in accordance with one's will" as stated by Aliester Crowley himself. Has the Antichrist system that controls the world been keeping everyone is a hypnotized state while behind the scenes they are unfolding plans that are catapulting the entire world into Armageddon. I think it is possible.

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Alien baby reported found in Mexico ..

Real or Hoax?IS this bizarre creature really an alien baby or just part of an elaborate hoax - and was it the cause of a mysterious revenge death?

Mexican TV revealed the almost unbelievable story - in 2007, a baby 'alien' was found alive by a farmer in Mexico.

He drowned it in a ditch out of fear, and now two years later scientists have finally been able to announce the results of their tests on this sinister-looking carcass.

The reptilian species, like other races which share a collective consciousness, communicate telepathically. Their advanced telepathic ability allows them to be able to utilitze energies emitted by the brains of other species.
At least one of the Draconian races possess leathery wings which have been mistaken for hoods or cloaks by abductees. This race stands around 8 feet tall, dwells underground and comes out at night. They have been labeled "mothmen," and is the source for mythologies concerning angels, demons, vampires, gargoyles, valkyries and other winged beings.
Different extraterrestrial reptilian species have different agendas but the majority of them focus on domination and exploitation of alien races and their planetary resources. Their viscious hostility and blatant disregard for the individual rights of others makes them a mortal enemy to mankind.

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Weird News: UFO over China and India


Over the past few months -- between Aug. 1 and Oct. 15 -- more than 100 UFOs have been seen along the India-China border, and the sightings have officials puzzled.
The Times of India reported this week that "yellowish spheres appear to lift off from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing."
The Times of India added that the UFO sightings have stumped numerous Indian military groups, including their air force, NTRO technical intelligence agency and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (as seen above).
Army officials in charge of the 2,100-mile border between the giant Asian countries have reportedly ruled out Chinese drones or low-orbit satellites, according to the Los Angeles Times.


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UFOs over the capital: DETRACTOR

Here is a classic example as to why most "normal people" don't bother believing in UFOs.  This video is a silly case that attempts to make something that is not real look like it is.  Fodder for the "Nutbags" out there, and a good reason not to bother with videos on the subject of sightings in the night sky."

Missouri Milt -

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UFO over Fermi nuclear plant.., Michigan

UFO photographed over Fermi II Nuclear Plant

I was out with the family on a Sunday drive to Lake Erie. We wanted to find a cottage I used to go to as a child. It turned out to be right across a bay from the Fermi II nuclear power plant. We took 3 pictures of the plant with our digital camera. When we got home and downloaded the pictures, we found a weird anomaly in the 3rd picture. We didn't see anything unusual when we took the picture. We've taken over 1000 pictures with this camera and nothing unusual except this picture. Seems kind of weird that it just happens to be above a nuclear power plant. He asks me in a subsequent e-mail, �Have you ever heard of anything like this?
Power click on image for enlargement enlarged enhancement

�The object appears decidedly oval in shape, brightly reflective, and seems (this is the most curious part) to have the suggestion, at each end of the oval, of curved lines resembling magnetic-field "flux" lines of the sort that you may have seen in pictures of bar magnets. Why, or from precisely what effects, such lines seem to have appeared in the visible spectrum, is a bit puzzling, but there they are. Also there seems to be a sort of gaseous "puff" near the object and another a short distance away, though all in all the object does not appear in any way to be the effect of any effluence from the nuclear stack itself. The apparent "magnetic flux" lines do bring to mind the now long-standing notion that some UFOs may well have some sort of magnetic-field propulsion principle that drives them.�    
(Via the UFO Casebook.  you can find the UFO Casebook online)

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Who is Hatonn??

Who is Hatonn? “I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command; Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. You may call me “Hatonn”.

God Aton created a fragment of Himself called, “Hatonn” a 9-foot tall being who oversees intergalactic affairs throughout this Universe.

Hatonn is well known throughout the Universe.

Hatonn, has one of the most advanced computer systems in this Universe.

Hatonn has current up-to-date information available in realtime on what’s been going on, on planet earth…he provides humanity with Truth, so that we can free ourselves from rise up in the Light and Love of the Universe.

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Area 51.., Obviously.

It is possible, and perhaps, it is obvious, that mechanical devices that are/were not of this planet have been developed and tested over this now mystical desert military outpost, however, it is most likely that the many years of UFO reports over Area 51 have to do with the USAF creating the next world weapon - ah, F### it, I'm sticking with the alien possibility."  -  Lee Crisman