Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aliens are like friends...

Cassy Burke claims to have called into The Other Alien show in '92.  She said that she was visited in her Roswell home by two aliens that had "a gentle sexual encounter" with her and that "they're like friends"  Cassy claims that Lee Crisman met her for coffee... which led to her having an affair with Lee and giving birth to his son (or perhaps, the son of the aliens..)  Makes one wonder.. Thing is, Lee didn't broadcast in "92.  Perhaps Ms. Burke is simply confused by the dates... Alien encounters tend to make our minds a jumble so I will cut her slack with her strange tale of woe..   Crisman denies having known Cassy in such a way.  Regardless, I thought it was one for a good mention.  -  Milt

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