Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stranger than Roswell ..

Hello again. How happy we all are that has posted the English version of Dr. Daniel Fryye's THE MOORPARK LIGHTS. (With the Spanish version soon to follow) It is sad, however, to note that there was such a huge run on those who logged in to take a look at this special video presentation that our server crashed. Here at central it is being referred to as the crash that equaled the Roswell crash! Regardless, we have been told by some highly paid technical staff that, this time, it was not a black ops group from the government that shut us down.., at least they are not responsible for having shut us down yet as we do expect to see visible signs of their dark force as we progress. All who have seen the show, how fortunate.. For those who have to deal with the frustration of a downed server., apologies. We are a small group dedicated to presenting to the world what we can rummage from Mr. Crisman's past. Perhaps it is a good time to further explain what is up with this site, it's designed purpose.. In simple terms, it is a tribute site to Mr. Crisman. It's not intended for use of the general public for they never had much of an interest in Mr. Crisman when he presented his case to to people of Earth in the first place, therefore, it is mostly for those who had an interest in Mr. Crisman prior to this site's posting. Most then, would know that upon his mysterious forced "vacation" from Earth society (again, many of us suspect the malicious hand of the evil eyeball, that which Lee affectionately referred to as the Darling Government, that ugly government behind the government that we all know exists, yet, collectively, we refuse to acknowledge in our everyday), a small group, some, like myself, who personally known Mr. Crisman, others who simply respect the work he presented in his short tenure as Foe to the evil eye of the Darling Governement.. Regardless, perhaps the diminutive size of our organization is poor excuse to drop out such an important video document as THE MOORPARK LIGHTS, but, I'm just attempting to let people know that we should be back on line with the show very soon. Please enjoy the spectacle while it is there. Who knows how long we can last against the Earth forces of evil!

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