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Message for Lee... You can make calls now from the county pen.

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The Inmate Telephone System is available for outgoing inmate calls only. Inmates are not allowed to receive incoming telephone calls. The system is contracted with a vendor named Value Added Communications (VAC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Tel*Link. In most cases VAC must be contacted to initiate any service, which has these categories:

  • Personal Outgoing Calls—inmate conversations with family and friends which are recorded and monitored.
  • Legal Outgoing Calls—inmate conversations with legal counsel which are not recorded nor monitored.

Unless there are security or disciplinary restrictions placed upon a jail, or an area within a jail, telephones are available to inmates from approximately 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. However, times vary for each facility, and some units allow 24 hour access to telephones.

Personal Outgoing Calls

  • Personal inmate calls are recorded and monitored.
  • The maximum allowable call length is 15 minutes for local calls and 20 minutes for long distance calls.
  • Inmates are not permitted to ask you to make third party or conference calls. Three-way call attempts will automatically alert the phone system, and the call will be disconnected.
  • Local and Long Distance. Direct calling is offered to countries using the North American Numbering Plan. This plan includes the United States and its territories, Canada, Bermuda, and 18 Caribbean countries. Collect calling is also offered to Mexico (Country Code 52).
  • International. Inmates can purchase a calling card from the Canteen for international calls only (calls that require entering a country code). This includes Mexico and all other countries outside the North American Numbering Plan. These international cards cannot be used for any calling within this numbering plan (U.S., Canada, etc.).

Billing Arrangements. The system offers family and friends two types of billing programs for personal calls: Collect Calls and AdvancePay Service.

Collect Calls 

Inmates can place collect calls to numbers that have been set-up in the system when the call is accepted and paid by the receiving party. Unless an AdvancePay account is established, inmates cannot place collect calls to cell phone numbers or numbers that are blocked from receiving collect calls. Your service provider must also have a billing contract with the inmate telephone service provider (VAC).

When an inmate attempts to call a telephone number for the first time that will not accept collect calls, the called party receives an automated voice prompt offering a connection to the vendor's account center so that the called number can be registered in the system. There is also a voice prompt offering a one minute one-time courtesy call.

AdvancePay Service

If calling collect is not possible or not preferred, you can pre-pay for the calls by establishing an AdvancePay account with VAC. Inmates are only able to call cell phones when the called party establishes one of these pre-paid accounts. You can either go online or call VAC to: create a pre-paid telephone account, add funds, and check balances. All information is available in both English and Spanish.

By Telephone: 1-800-913-6097 (24 hour service)


If additional help is needed:

By Telephone:

Information/Assistance 602-876-5412
(Business hours in Arizona: Monday
through Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.,
Mountain Standard Time)

VAC Customer Service (including billing inquiries) 1-800-786-8521

(Business hours: Monday through Friday,
7 a.m. – 11 p.m., Saturday and Sunday,
8 a.m.—7 p.m., Central Time Zone)

By Email:

Send to

By Mail:

Global Tel*Link
P.O. Box 2827
Mobile, AL 36652

Legal Outgoing Calls

Legal calls are not recorded nor monitored. The maximum call length for a legal call is 20 minutes. The Inmate Telephone System recognizes only the published telephone numbers of attorneys registered with the State Bar of Arizona, and the conversation is then classified as a “Legal Outgoing Call”. At the beginning of the call you will hear, “… (telephone company name) has a legal call from (inmate name)…”

If the system has not been updated with recently changed or new telephone numbers, you may hear “If this call has been placed to legal counsel, please hang up and notify the Sheriff’s Office at 602-876-1202.” In this situation, do not accept the call and notify our office immediately. The new telephone number will be verified with the State Bar of Arizona and added to the Legal Telephone database.

It is possible for inmate calls to be made to the cell phone of an attorney. However, an account with VAC must be established by using the information in the section above that covers personal calls. It is important to note that those calls, and most other calls to non-published attorney telephone numbers, do not fall into the category of “Legal Outgoing Calls”, and therefore they will be recorded.

If you require additional information regarding legal calls, please call 602-876-1662 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays), Mountain Standard Time. You may also leave a message at 602-876-1202 at any time, and your call will be returned.

Blocking or Unblocking Telephone Numbers

You can block your number so that inmates at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s jails cannot call.
  • By Phone: If you receive a call from an inmate and you do not want to accept that call or any future calls from the jail, you can block calls by pressing 7—6 when prompted by the recording.
  • Written Request: You can also request that your phone number be blocked or unblocked from the Inmate Telephone System by mailing or faxing a written request. The communication must include:
  • The requestor’s name
  • The phone number(s) to be blocked or unblocked
  • The inmate’s name and booking number (if known)
  • A brief reason for the request
  • A copy of a portion of a telephone bill that shows the name, account number, and the telephone number to be blocked or unblocked

Mail request to:

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
Telecommunications Technology Division
Attention: ITS, MCSO-HQ-02-03
550 W. Jackson St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Or fax to: 602-876-0055 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Menace from rouge agents ?

Dark Agents on a mission.  Harassment, and intimidation, a dark element of the government.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Masked forces in Mexico ..

Mexico Self-Defense Forces Inspired by and Include Indigenous Guards

The masked self-defense forces in Michoacan, Mexico, who have received international press coverage due to their battles against drug cartels as well as the Mexican police and army, were inspired by indigenous guards and include many indigenous warriors.
Starting in the summer of 2013, an indigenous community in Michoacan organized an indigenous guards unit and acted as de-facto police in their area before being shut down by Mexican authorities. Other self-defense groups in the region sprung up, including one in the town of Aquila that has been in the news recently due to reports of conflicts between the group and narco-traffickers.
In their latest press statement, issued on January 18, the Self-Defense Group of Aquila, Michoacan explain that they were inspired by the work of indigenous guards in the area who had successfully pushed out violent cartel members from their area for a while.
The statement begins with a call to all community members who want to “rise up” against the criminal acts of the Knights Templar, a narco-trafficking gang famous for kidnapping, murder, rape and extortion.
“We have decided to organize our self-defense group in order to expel organized crime from our town, and we invite the rest of the people of the municipality to rise up against crime, so they never again feel fear or pay protection fees,” the group stated.
“As is known from the national and international media, our municipality previously attempted to remove the yoke of organized crime. This movement was led by members of the indigenous community of San Miguel Aquila,” the statement continued.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Cheyenne River Reservation ..

Through child’s eye and camera lens, the Cheyenne River Reservation will be brought to life through photographs and creative writing. The magic starts this weekend, with the opening of a 30-photograph exhibit on the reservation, coinciding with a Kickstarter campaign launch to raise money to turn the creations into a coffee-table book.
The fine-art photographs, taken by professionals Richard Steinberger and Matt Normann, are accompanied by text written by Cheyenne River youth in an exhibit titled, fittingly, “Home: Cheyenne River.” Richard Steinberger and his wife, writer Heather Steinberger, who contributes to Indian Country Today Media Network, are the creative team behind the project. Heather Steinberger has worked with the not-for-profit Cheyenne River Youth Project for nearly eight years, and the exhibition was made possible through the support of Child Fund International. Heather Steinberger said the exhibit tells a story not often seen by outsiders.
“Although many photographers and writers have documented native reservations over the years, the picture they paint of Indian Country tends to be a negative one, focusing primarily on the poverty and social ills that afflict reservation communities,” she said in a statement.
“We had a different approach,” Heather Steinberger said. “We’re not going to whitewash the hardships that are present here, but we hope to demonstrate to a wider audience that what they see of reservation life in the mainstream media is not a complete picture. It neglects to show the pride community members feel for their home. It neglects to show their dedication, and their love.”


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wisdom via Fred the Green Alien ..

Word throughout the galaxy, at least, within the smart alien crowd, is.. "Watching petty human drama unfold from the vantage point of a "visitor" (in this case, from the vantage point of a silly green alien who is just temporarily visiting planet Earth, who worked on the Lee Crisman Radio show for three months a while back and now has his able green alien hand in a blog which attempts to exploit that once and turbulent relationship with Mr. Crisman.. This blog!)... That, watching petty human drama unfold from the view point of an alien, green or not, is one of the amazing wonders of this universe..," and Mr. Crisman's strange folly appears to me no exception to that intergalactic fish story. In fact, an Altairian buddy of mine joked about it just the other day over drinks.. He referred to Lee Crisman's known misadventures with the sons of the MJ12s as: "Burlesque Klaatu monkeyshine." My Altairian friend went on to say that: "In fact, if they ever made a movie about Mr. Crisman's life they should get Keanu Reeves to play him, since Crisman has the personality of a wooden toad!" Then he laughed and muttered some nonsense about - "a robot and a man hold the world spellbound with new and fantastical powers from within the inner planet!" I'm not sure where the Corporate Altairian was going with all that. Obviously, years of importing Horlocks into Nam with Milton Cooper had taken a serious toll on my Altairian buddy. Having worked with Mr. Crisman and having my intergalactic nan-noos broiled - live, by Lee - on his show was not much fun, regardless, at least from this average Iquanoid's point of view., my Altairian space buddy is correct, Lee's story is/was a burlesque tale of human woe. And, as many of us are aware, the Darling Government (as Lee often called them) was/is out to get him.

Did I mention, Lee once found a gun in the desert?
(refer to video on main site)  -  Information originally posted 2008 by Fred the Green Alien ..

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Removal ..

## ######.  In the interest of satisfying your request… I have instructed my team to remove your interviews from the stream.  Also, they will remove any mention of your case from the timeline in the blog, and I will hold off from replaying the show until after your pending case/cases have concluded, if at all.  As you are aware I am a fringe player in the realm of internet radio and enjoy only a small audience for what I do, and in that, I would have to pass on the "prepared interview", My fans really dug the show with you because it was so raw and truthful and I feel that any show presented after the fact with you may seem contrived and less then sincere.  Also, thanks for the offer of using your experience in my film projects, however, since the experiences expressed where not outside of very common experiences on the subject of UFOs my writing team would/will have no use for them - albeit you did a good telling.  .

My best from the great American desert.

International Government Operatives...

According to Ms. V there are "Watchers" assigned by an international government.  This man's identity is unknown, some say he is a French operative : code name Mort10 - even to me that sounds silly, I mean the agent's reported name.  Regardless, this appears to be the facility where John Craft was taken in...  Scary stuff!

- Milt 

More Aliens ..

Grey Aliens

Grey Aliens

The earliest account of alien abduction was documented in 1957 in Mexico although it does not refer to Grey Aliens specifically. Antonio Villas Boas recounted a story of his abduction and subsequent sexual intercourse with a humanoid alien. The alien that allegedly abducted Boas was a humanoid in a grey jump suit with small blue eyes. The description of Grey Alien that we are familiar with today is of a very thin and light creature with a large, hairless head and remarkably large, oval eyes. The nose is almost non-existent and the mouth is a slit that does not appear to have any function. Apparently, Grey Aliens communicate telepathically with each other. Their arms are long, reaching below the knees, and with four delicate fingers of uneven length. Their height is reported to be between 3 and 6 feet.
The closest resemblance to this Grey Alien prototype is found in the account of Betty Hill. This was in 1961, and Betty and her husband Barney Hill were on their way to New Hampshire. They arrived home with a few hours ‘missing’ from their memories. Subsequently, they began to suffer from insomnia, and nightmares during whatever sleep they could manage, and had to seek medical help. The story of their abduction emerges from sessions of hypnotic regression that Betty Hill went through. Even though her story is classed with other accounts of alien abduction, Betty insisted that it had been more of a meeting. The aliens that she described were dressed in something resembling military suits. They looked similar to human beings with only slightly larger eyes and bald heads. When shown the typical image of the Grey Alien as we know them in popular culture, Betty said that that was not what the aliens she has seen looked like.

read more

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NWO ..

8I8: #2299091111://entry Golden Squash

"Reports of alignment .. ?  There is a reported secret society that has fractured off of Templar society with a very strong base withing the United States.  They are a small band who are trying to change the tide.  This new human brotherhood is on course for a collision with New World Order, and, this small group opposes those with the power with-which to impose compliance on the throngs of distracted humans.  BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, and IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE, all foretold of our eventual ruin as collective humans on the planet, yet, we continue to chomp on the stupid pills they dole out to us.  It's simple... Crisman knows better.  Keep your head down Lee!"  -  John Craft  (aka: Orgone Man)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Men in Black ...

This is a photo from LV's documentary on Lee Crisman.  She indicates these are two of the unknown operatives that have harassed and menaced Lee.  This photo was given to her by an  anonymous government source.  We look forward to seeing the documentary, which, should be complete by the end of this year.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quartsite AZ

  • ... from Quartzsite to Globe and back, cemetery vigilants and all - Hi Jolly way in a day and a half w/ video from Anthony to prove it.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black Triangle Helicopter - Crisman Archive

ufo black triangle turns into helicopter PROOF
YouTube Post 02/13/2008 

LeeCrisman   (1 day ago)  Show Hide Marked as spam

I would post an opinion, but, I'm afraid the UFO kid will give me grief if I lean into an opinion that might suggest that his somewhat unclear shot of helicopter lights dancing in night might not mean much to your average viewer as it, perhaps, should, however, I can clearly see that the work of black ops is being advanced in this video.

My best. Lee Crisman

theufokid   (1 day ago)  Show Hide Marked as spam

thats were your wrong if u say its onkly a helicopter i dont get mad. only if someone calls me names and other bull shit. i want people to study take it serious as i do. i beleieve in what i say very strong and have great reasons to beleieve some people know and agree other dont and still others are hater morons that dont give a shit about the truth they thimnk there funny only to them selfs

LeeCrisman (10 minutes ago)
Look, find real black ops helicopters and shoot that.., of course, the non-believers will still call you crazy
for something you know to be true...  Trust me, I get it.  I once shot footage of cows being dropped from
Government choppers in broad daylight over some farmland in Iowa, the bastards took the footage from
me before I left the corn field.  So, unfortunately, I have nothing to show on the tube.

Keep up the fight!  Lee Crisman, Fellow Alien.

Orgone ..

  • .. if you look close enough you can see the Odic force surging right through the dame thing - great work Orgone man!

Alien Head ..

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hav Musuvs .. Crisman in the Mojave ??

It is these aircraft, some say, that accounts for the occasional appearances of UFOs above Mt. Shasta.

The Paihute Indians of the southwest USA claim that a Greek or Egyptian-like race first colonized the massive caverns within the Panamint Mts. thousands of years ago [one source claims the base was established around 2500 B.C., which is incidentally about 600 years following the beginnings of the rise of Egyptian intellectual culture] when Death Valley was part of an inland sea connected to the Pacific Ocean.

When the sea dried up these people -- who were described as wearing flowing robes draped over one shoulder, head-bands holding back their long dark hair, and bronze-golden skin -- out of necessity began to develop their collective knowledge and intellect and soon afterwards began to construct "silvery flying canoes". At first these flying machines possessed wings, were relatively small, and flew with a dipping movement and a loud 'whirring' noise. As time passed the ships became wingless, grew larger in size, and flew ever more smoothly and silently.

Eventually these people, the HAV-MUSUVS moved their civilization into still deeper caverns which they had discovered farther underground, and commenced to explore the nearby planets and eventually other star systems as their own technological explosion began to refine every aspect of their society. These Hav-musuvs have apparently had interplanetary or interstellar travel for 3000-4000 years since they first developed their flying machines. Could they have been one of the many native-terranian "ancient astronaut" civilizations which apparently had colonized Lyra and other systems?