Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crisman's Bisbee Dee interview is set for play on  This is a compelling interview Lee did back in his Roswell days.  Dee talks to Lee about the man she lives next to working on aCrisman's Bisbee Dee interview is set for play on  This is a compelling interview Lee did back in his Roswell days.  Dee talks to Lee about the man she lives next to working on a formula to mind control the masses through our water system.  

This is a great show that I will get onto the station later today.  As always, thanks for listening.
-Milt formula to mind control the masses through our water system.  

This is a great show that I will get onto the station later today.  As always, thanks for listening.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crisman meets the Mysterious "Mick" in Bisbee ...

From the documentary, shows Mick with Crisman at that infamous motel just outside of Bisbee, AZ.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creepy crawlers ...

Google’s found a new tracking tool, and it’s called the Streak plugin, an email watchdog that allows users to tell just when their sent messages were opened — and where the recipients were when they read them.
The Daily Mail reported that the Streak, a San Francisco-based company, also touts its plugin as revealing who opened the emails, how many times they’ve been opened, what devices the readers used to open them — laptop versus iPhone, for example — and at what times they were opened. The creepiest factor is that the technology reveals the approximate location of the readers when they opened the emails.

The technology, officially called “Customer Relationship Manager,” or CRM by the Streak company, is intended for sales and marketing professionals. But it can also be installed by anybody with a Gmail account who uses Google Chrome and Safari, The Daily Mail reported.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Landers, CA, a mystical place, a place of lore.

Reportedly Crisman had several hide outs in the Landers, CA area.  It is believed that Lee was drawn to the mystical powers of the Giant Rock..  Perhaps, just unconfirmed Crisman Lore, but, here's a shot taken by Lee in that area sometime around 2003.

Milt -

Monday, February 17, 2014

Orgone HHGs ...

Dumpster man believes Orgone devices will save us from the mind control set up through ELFs.  He seeks mostly copper in the dumpsters of Los Angeles.  He uses the copper and metal parts/bits to build HHGs = for real folks. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Man's mess ..

Rubbers in desert sand ..// noc###
"Yes, it is part the so-called government, it's is also part corporate lust, but, worse, and most often, it is the solo human who both reckless and willingly lays our resources to ruin.  Alien head or not, the multitude of discarded rubbers in the desert sand show me that a crass mentality (along with, perhaps, a vapid soul) is the predominate starting point for the human fall down on this planet.  The bad guys simply play on our indifference and wet the whistle of our indulgence making "the compliance" easy to come by."

- Lee Crisman 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Men in Black ..

Another look at the dark agents who have harassed and followed Lee Crisman.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Arizona desert.

Lee Crisman roaming the Arizona desert circa 2005.
Reportedly, Crisman roamed through Arizona, California, and New Mexico.  The Mojave as well as the Colorado desert.  This shot is believed to have been taken somewhere around Oatman, AZ.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Orgone and dark agents ..


Original publication date:  06/22/2007
Re-Published /2008 Google Docs



Wilhelm Reich
Orgone energy is described as a "Primordial cosmic energy."  It has also been called "Universal life energy."  Dr. Wilhelm Reich (pictured left) is typically credited with the discovery of Orgone energy.  Reich claims to have discovered Orgone sometime in the late 1930s.  Reich was born March 24, 1897 and died on November 3, 1957.  He was a respected analyst who was an advocate of adolescent sexuality, use of contraceptives along with the importance of economic freedom for women.  His theories on Orgastic Potency as the foremost criteria for positive psycho-physical health pushed him outside of the mainstream of the psychological community in his time.  His discovery of Orgone energy ended up getting him in trouble with the U.S. department of Food and Drug Administration.  The FDA filed suit against Reich for shipping his Orgone devices across the state border.  Reich decided to defend himself at this trial, which, he felt would give him the opportunity to advocate the use of his Orgone device.  The proceedings ended with Reich jailed for his legal indiscretion.  More on Reich's life can be found at the following web address.

WHAT IS ORGONE?  Since Mr. Reich's discovery and theories of the energy he named Orgone, many have manufactured devices which they claim produce the effect of Orgone energy.  Many produce devices by combining a cured fiberglass resin-A hydrocarbon compound with metal chips.  They claim that provides a matrix which is able to attract and contain Orgone energy.  I have been told that if you add crystals to the mix it intensifies the ability of the matrix and allows the operator to amplify his mental energies towards a specific task by focusing specific thoughts onto the Orgone device.  Sometimes the material mix utilized to create the Orgone device is referred to as Orgonite.

Orgone devices are used to promote good health by the operator.  People place them in dominate areas through their homes and living areas accepting the benefit of the radiant energy that each device creates.  Orgone is considered to have the ability to mute or destroy the affects of what is typically termed bad, or negative, energy flow, therefore, it is often utilized in the battle to suppress the reported government use of ELF and microwave cell phone towers as mind control devices on the human population.  The subversive army of Orgone supporters also champion other very practical uses of Orgone devices such as shutting down and/or disrupting Reptillian transport portals, sanitizing nuclear reactors, dissolving the powers of Satan at satanic ritual sites, reducing inter-dimensional frequency modulation preventing the travel from one dimension to the next, and, Orgone devices are credited in improved plant growth.  Orgone devices can be use offensively as well as defensively, but reportedly, only against those of evil intent.

These devices are sold on the internet, and instructions to manufacture your own Orgone device can easily be found through performing a basic web search.

04/20/2005  D. Fryye

Monday, February 10, 2014

UFO World Exclusive - Crisman Archive

İstanbul / Kumburgaz UFO Görüntüleri / WORLD EXCLUSIVE!
YouTube Post 02/10/2008

LeeCrisman   (3 days ago)  Show Hide Marked as spam

This is fake. There's nothing in the background (maybe a wall painted black) and the men's voices have a slight echo that might be consistent with being inside. Also, the video shooter can't focus... It's a really long shot and the guy can't get it???? Maybe that's because he's too busy zooming back and forth to make stationary object look like its moving. Add in a little wind sound, and you have fake. Hey, but who am I James Randi?

paulitza9   (1 day ago)  Show Hide Marked as spam

Yes, I lean towards it being fake but I am no expert. By the way, who is James Randi?

LeeCrisman (10 minutes ago)
Randi's a magician who spent a lot of time debunking mystics, mind readers, and psychics.  He wrote
a book called Flim Flam.  In his book he shows how a lot of paranormal activity is faked for profit. 
Pretty interesting stuff, but a fairly long read.

My best.  Lee Crisman

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Conspiracy shoot out ...

This is reportedly the house where government agents arrested Lee Crisman some years back.  I personally believe this is not the house since there is no signs of bullet holes, and, reports indicate that they shot the hell out of the place where they took Crisman.

Milt =

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sarg ..

Sarge Coleman "alien hunter" hot on the trail of an reptilian bastard somewhere in the Mojave desert.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Roswell Alien Autopsy - Crisman Archive

You Tube Post/ Alien Autopsy Roswell

A blogger claims the filmed autopsy is real, but, that the government has created so much disinformation that, basically, we don't know our a-holes for a hole in the ground.  The following was Mr. Crisman's response.

Disinformation by the government types exists, but, I'd have to say, not on this one.  Ask any kid in a Hollywood special effects class to manufacture this type of presentation and they could do it.  I haven't seen your videos yet, but, if they have to do with showing bad behavior on the part of the government, I'm all over it...  They've jammed me up pretty tight in my life, and so am a fan on turning up any evidence on them.  Keep up the fight! 

Lee Crisman, fellow alien.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dumpster man ...

"I met the strangest sort of prophet while in Los Angeles.  At first I called him dumpster man.  And he had a profound grasp on how entrenched the evil ones are in our lives.  Their control, their menace.  He also articulated a NWO of coming doom to us all...  Dumpster man's a genius.  He's a true survivor!"  - Lee

Monday, February 3, 2014

Alien Moon Bases - Crisman Archive

You Tube Post: Alien Moon Bases: Glenn Steckling Pt.2
Lee Crisman
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Look, the truth is it may very well be there are alien bases on the moon and our government is actively covering these ET bases from us... They're (aliens) here on ground zero and among us, and our government is not only covering it up but they are conspiring with these otherworld beasts to take control of our every -life.... let's worry about that first!

Lee Crisman, the unlikely alien

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Intercepted Mutant Conspiracy jibberish via Lee ..

THE CRISMAN RESPONSE:  "That's cool because that's actually the way I started shooting this project.  In fact, the Sarge clip was up on Google video in that very manner until The ol' Evil Eyeball had it removed.  I also presented this story called the Moorpark Lights, with Dr. Daniel Fryye, which was Crisman related, yet, not directly.  I was attempting to create this whole world of "real" around it - from my alien reality.  In fact that's what I still intend to do.  I just have to craft my over fluxed headbone down to the essentials.  That's why I finally said f**k it and cut the first twelve minutes into what you saw, and now I can use the scene with you and Sarge at the end (since you showed for the Ed Gloom --- -----).  I've got this big montage thing to tackle this month (w/Luna), then, it's hair cut time for Crisman and I tell the real story (with tons of ------ stuff --- --).  Then, all of it becomes subject to the very reality you describe.  This week, Rachel Long is coming in for -- ----- green ------ ----.  She is a reporter in the Crisman story and helps tell the ---- story, but, will also be used to post ------ -------.  if you look at  you will see a blog with a radio stream.  The stream/blog is run by a fellow named Missouri Milt.  He was a fan back in the day when I did my show from Roswell - to keep the thing in place and online.  The radio stream in one way or another relates to --- -------.  The blog at this point mixes ------- with actual internet fodder on the subject of UFO.  All this will shift later in the year when - ------- get this story under control.  ---- - ------ - ---- --------- ------ -- --------, -- ---- ---- -----.  I'm looking to turn this into an ongoing adventure, ---- ------- --- --------- -- --- -----.   I will just have to come up with a clever manner to return money so the project becomes bigger and I can then involve more "Earth Humans" (----'- ------- ---- --- "------").  Hope all this made sense."