Thursday, April 30, 2015

Moorpark Lights?

January, 1981


Moorpark, California, United States



Triangular in shape with a light at each tip. There was a loud hum sound and the object hovered over a 'community park' for 10-15 minutes, then the hum sound got slightly louder and it shot off in a second.

Date Reported:

1/4/2012 1:04:40 AM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



10-15 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

We could see the object only the darkness that the object created by its enormous size and the lights at each tip formed a triangular shape.

Size of Object(s)

The object was hovering over a community park which was approx. 4 acres in size. The object appeared to hover over the entire size of the grass area or larger.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

The object was just over head and appear to be close by how large the darkened area of sky was.

Description of Area / Surroundings

This was observed in rural area of Peach Hill in Moorpark California.

Full Description & Details

I was on the sofa watching Johnny Carson with Bill and Cory was asleep. I could hear a humming sound but couldn't tell where it was coming from. I opened the front door of the house and the sound got louder. I called Bill over and he could now hear the same sound. We walked up the street towards the community park. (9 houses east from our house) We could hear the sound and could tell that it was coming from the sky, however when we looked up we couldn't see anything but darkness. I didn't realize how large the object was until I noticed the lights from the stars. Then following the shape where the stars could be seen the object was triangular in shape with a noticeable light at each tip. The object appeared to be larger the the grass area of the park, (approx 4 acres). The object was hovering overhead the entire time we were there looking at it with the humming sound. We were there on the corner of Laurelhurst looking up at this dark object for 10-15 minutes and heard it for an additional 5-10 minutes. Then while we were watching it the hum sound appear to get louder and in a SECOND it shot of in a southeast direction.

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Bees dying off, killed by GMO.

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”  - yes, the real problem that is soon to happen!  )(= LEE

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Paul M. on bible UFOs...

The Crisman Archive is making the Paul M. interviews available for us here on the stream.  Paul's view on UFOs and the bible are certainly worth consideration!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Officer Barker interview.

"there's voices, like fog in my head... Clicking sounds, and I am on a cold table.  Short greyish aliens, with taller blue type creatures working together.  They are, like, talking together, and, talking to me, but, none of them are talking outloud.  Lights in the room, no bulbs, but there was light everywhere.  I was scared to death.  I didn't know where I was or how I got there - you know, every now and then a cop just disappears....

What do you mean a cop just disappears?

(Barker rants about his wife)>

Monday, April 27, 2015

Midwest cop talks about aliens.

Midwest police officer (Barker) talks about lost time on a call regarding a UFO.  At a stop point, his camera recorded, yet, nothing but blank video showed.  Crisman inquired if Barker felt the "aliens" had blanked out the video in the cop car.  Barker indicted that he was doped/and/or mind controlled by other worlders.  Barker believes that his own department was involved in a conspiracy to hide the alien influence on all of us.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sex with aliens...

david huggins alien abductee
David Huggins claims to have lost his virginity to an extra terrestrial woman
Appearing in a teaser uploaded to Vimeo for for upcoming documentary Love and Saucers: The Far Out World Of David Huggins, he explained Crescent is “one of the large women”.
When asked if he had sex with her, he replied: “Yes. I don’t know much, but I do know for sure I lost my virginity to an extra terrestrial woman.”

Stalker Kimmy caught up with Lee...S

Stalker Kimmy w/ Lee in/at a Bisbee safe house.

"I think I've been quoted as disliking Muslims, which, to quote me as not "liking Muslims" would not be accurate.  I love Muslim women.  The dudes are a bit questionable...  If the dudes think their girls/ladies are to submit, well, they're just wrong."  - Lee

Saturday, April 25, 2015

John Lennon.
Sighting Date: August 23, 1974
Sighting Location: New York City, New York, USA

August 23, 1974 - John Lennon reports seeing a UFO in NYC. Lennon's sighting occurred when he was with his personal secretary, May Pang, in New York, at the time when he and Yoko Ono were separated. He refers to the experience on the cover of his album "Walls And Bridges", which was released in 1974, saying that he saw a UFO. May Pang reports in her book, "Loving John"....

"We had just ordered up some pizzas and since it was such a warm evening, we decided to step out on the terrace," recalled Pang. "There were no windows directly facing us from across the street, so John just stepped outside with nothing on, in order to catch a cool breeze that was coming in right off the East River. I remember I was just inside the bedroom getting dressed when John started shouting for me to come out on the terrace.

I yelled back that I would be right there but he kept screaming for me to join him in that instant. As I walked out onto the terrace, my eye caught this large, circular object coming towards us. It was shaped like a flattened cone and on top was a large, brilliant red light, not pulsating as on any of the aircraft we'd see heading for a landing at Newark Airport. When it came a little closer, we could make out a row or circle of white lights that ran around the entire rim of the craft - these were also flashing on and off. There were so many of these lights that it was dazzling to the mind. It was, I estimate, about the size of a Lear jet and it was so close that if we had something to throw at it, we probably would have hit it quite easily."

Eerily the object passed by.

"We often had helicopters flying above us but this was as silent as the night and about seventeen storeys above street level." The object flew off but returned later, by which time she and Lennon had set up a telescope through which they could view it in more detail. "The light was so brilliant coming from the craft that no additional details could be seen. We did take a couple of pictures but they turned out overexposed." They also rang a local newspaper to report the sighting and were told at least seven other people had seen the UFO too.

"We even called the police, that's how excited we were, and they told us to keep calm, that others had seen it too." During what was left of the evening, John kept saying, "I can't believe it... I can't believe it... I've seen a flying saucer!"

I was listening to the radio that Missouri Milt has created here on the stream, and, Dr. D. Fryye, sounds amazing.  He is almost always relaxed, certainly always insightful.  People really need to hear his point of view... He has knowledge about aliens, alien lore, "take me to your leader", black ops, mind control, (on and on).   There are others that are equally Earth Human nurturing, like, Mr. Ludi, and such.  We hope to open the archives more for Milt and these older shows will be made available.  (= LEE

Friday, April 24, 2015

Inside the integratron ..

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coordinates: 34°17′39.99″N 116°24′13.34″W The Integratron is a structure designed by ufologist and contactee George Van Tassel. Tassel claimed the Integratron to be capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel. He built the structure in Landers, California (near Joshua Tree) supposedly following instructions provided by visitors from the planet Venus. The Integratron machine was started in 1957, the structure was erected in 1959.[1] The structure was financed predominantly by donations, including funds from Howard Hughes.[2]
Following Van Tassel's death in 1978, the building was owned by a series of individuals (and was left in various states of disrepair) before sisters Joanne, Nancy, and Patty Karl purchased it in the early 2000s. The sisters promote the Integratron as an "acoustically perfect structure," give tours and offer "sound baths" they describe as "...meditation-like sessions accompanied by tones from quartz bowls."[2]

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Alien control.

Dr. Frrye - Hybrids that drop out of the "system" perhaps have evil intent upon us (the Earth Human).  Much like the idea of Satan.  But, one with think if Satan wanted to do away with us, we would have been gone a long time ago.  Ironically it is the human who does the damage.   Therefore, I would say if an alien indicates you should go and kill your neighbor, just don't do it."

We like Jack's review of the Bagdad Cafe on Route 66...

  • 208 friends
  • 318 reviews
First off: I read through most of the reviews on this place and all I could think was what simple people a lot of you are. Way too catered, way too adapted to having a KFC and Taco Bell within arms reach.

Bagdad Cafe wasn't anything close to being a super clean, super corporate, super "customer is always right" chain that a lot of city folk expect to eat at home. It was a cute, family ran (in fact most of the family was in the cafe when we stopped) restaurant that is no doubt the lifeline of the family's income. They actually live out back!

I found the old cop dramas playing on the TV set a great mood of the place. Dark, cozy, and some old TV shows with someone sleeping in a booth next to us.

I found the food to be quite alright, even if it was from frozen patties. The Buffalo burger was pretty good, as was the hamburgers. The prices were actually quite average, and $10 for a Buffalo burger isn't that outrageous. I had one in L.A. which was similar in quality, for $15.99.

The service was pleasant, and people were super nice and willing to chat and get to know us. It was a true mom and pop venture, which is a dying breed. Everyone saying they were coming from or going to Vegas and "decided to stop" and then complained need to just stop. If these kind of cafes bother you, then DON'T STOP. Wait until you see the next Denny's up the road!

Bagdad Cafe is on Historic Route 66, which is an incredible drive itself. Sad thing is, after some monsoons a long stretch of 66 is out about 5 miles past Bagdad Cafe. You are forced to get back on the 40.

Not sure when it will be fixed - if ever.

Without this vital route intact, I suspect this cafe may not survive because it will no longer be a cafe you drive past, but a place you will have to exit the 40 to get to.

Scoop marks.

When you wake up frozen, chances are you will wake up later with scoop marks.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Giant Rock ..

American Indians considered this rock a holy item.  Only Indian chefs could approach within a mile of the Rock.  7 stories tall, prior to cracking, it was the biggest free standing boulder in the world.  It is an amazing thing to witness, mystical in ways.  And, possess brilliant alien lore!" - Lee.

via MUFON archives...

Event Description:
On 01 April 2015 at about 10:30 pm, I was looking outside toward the NE direction. My property overlooks Smithtown Bay towards Connecticut. The sky was clear and no clouds. No back yard lights were on. The only lights from land were from the Connecticut shoreline about 13 miles away. In addition, I had observed typical aviation lights in the distance closer to the Connecticut shoreline.

Then, within 200 feet of my position, a very bright sphere shaped object suddenly appeared over the Smithtown Bay at about a 500 foot altitude in the NE direction. The object quickly caught my attention because it seem to appear from nowhere and was glowing bright white/blue. I was surprised and amazed because I never saw anything like it and wondered what it was. The object made no sound. It hovered briefly. Then, the object changed direction and disappeared quickly moving upwards in an easterly direction and just vanished.

I did not think this was an airplane or helicopter. First, I did not hear an engine sound. Second, the aviation lights were incorrect. The object's lights were the wrong color and not flashing like typical aviation lights. Lastly, the object and light disappeared too quickly unlike slower more direct moving aircraft.
·        Being watched or being followed
·        Black helicopter harassment
·        Threats made to the abductee
·        Phone interruptions and phone calls
·        Email and/or snail mail tampering
·        In person face-to-face confrontations
·        Illegal break-ins to property
·        Underground bases seen
·        Abductions by ETs with human military personnel present
·        Abductions by human military with ETs present
·        Abductions by human military only without ETs present
·        Mind control procedures
·        In-depth interrogations
·        Medical and genetic procedures
·        Implants removed or inserted by humans
·        Testing and development of psi abilities
·        Involvement by military or intelligence insiders in the personal life of the abductee


Officer Barker (Crisman has reservations)...

I don't know that I ever believed Officer Barker's testimony with me in my interview.  Totally to date I've done eight interviews, he always seems to have divergent conversation to move us from the truth, to distraction, whenever I interview him.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

 Country: Bulgaria

Hello! My name is Kiril. I`m 27, from Burgas (Bulgaria). I think I saw a UFO yesterday night. I`ve never seen such objects in the sky before. It was around 2 a.m. in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. There were 4 objects, which I`m convinced, were flying in space, because they were emitting strong star-like constant light. I`m a supporter of the Ancient Alien Theory, but have always considered the ufo-stories as fakes. This was before yesterday. It was an incredible moment of my life! The objects looked like weak stars, but were moving smoothly and fast. One was leading but wasn`t centred. The other three moved right after it and were making slight turns (fast and smooth, not like planes). The whole event was about 10 seconds long, till the objects hid in a dim earth cloud. They passed a distance equal to my sight (from eye to eye). The event really took my breath! Please answer me if you`ve witnessed such a thing.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Witch Damned Newberry

March 30, 2015
Anonymously submitted press release.
      Newberry Springs, CA.   A local expert, after extensive research, at government expense, has discovered that the Newberry Springs water basin depletion has nothing to do with local alfalfa farmers or large recreational lakes.
      The water drawdown problem started decades ago when a powerful witch was passing through Newberry Springs on a broomstick and was refused service at the Cliff House, which served alcohol beverages to thirsty travelers.  The witch was shoved out the door for not being in compliance with the then existing local dress code.
      The witch, in a fit of anger, placed a forever curse on the Newberry Springs water basin, commanding that it decline between 2 to 4 feet annually, until the entire community dries up and blows away.
      A permanent coven was then established in Newberry Springs, governed by local witches and warlocks to ensure that the original curse remained unbroken.  They roam the community in clever disguises, some camouflaged as community leaders and others as friendly neighbors.
      The local witches and warlocks may have met their match at last.  The local expert is reportedly seeking a $50 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to retain an exorcist to eliminate the curse on the local water basin.
      But don't sell the local witches and warlocks short.  They have applied for a $100 million U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to buy new irrigation sprinkler systems, drill deeper water wells and take hard-earned vacations at the French Riviera in chartered jets.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has an endless supply of tax dollars to shower on millionaire alfalfa farmers.
      The conclusion to this curious series of events in Newberry Springs has yet to be written.  Stay turned for further developments.

Milt's encounter with alien girl on

"Milt's story about meeting an alien girl in Vegas on New Year's day sounds a bit silly, but, it still identifies the core of encounters...  Surreal, therefore, no one believes it.  It's just like the light in the sky I watched move like nothing in nature, and, like nothing yet devised by the Earth Human...  I did see it, if I spend too much time explaining it, no one will believe it." - Lee

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alien sh9t..

2013 (2 months ago)

I had been sleeping right next to my boyfriend of 5 years, and had woken up. Guess what I heard?? That large loud spinning sound. Though this wasn't all. I'm whispering to my boyfriend to stop kicking me. The whole bottom half of my body was lifting off of the bed. I turn to the side and see that my boyfriend is sleeping and turned away from me...and not the one lifting my legs. I was laying on my stomach at the time and when I went to nudge him and scream, my face just fell into the pillow and I could not move...scream etc and just passed out cold. I do not remember anything else.

The next week went by and I had this awful pain on my upper leg. Thought if it were a bruise it would have to come up any day now, and it did the next day. There were 4 huge finger marks on my leg spread apart as if it had been grasping it forcefully.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Are you the watchman?

The first question the alien asked "Are you the watchman over this place?"  Shermer said, "they've been watching us for a really long time.  They have no pattern for contacting people.  They are trying to confuse the public mind.  The aliens want the public to believe "Some" in aliens.  So that when they invade the Earth Humans they will not fear the aliens, however, keep in mind, they come in peace."

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Access denied.

For those who inquire about accessing Lee Crisman private area on the website if you are not a member you will get an access denied status.  Sorry for any confusion on this.

(via :: sl*8if939AF)

Aliens among us.

"It is difficult to know whether I am speaking to a human or alien no matter who I am talking to."  - LEE

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Giant Rock via:


The Giant Rock story began when a mysterious man named Frank Critzer pulled into a gas station in Santa Monica, California for car repairs. George Van Tassel, a young mechanic working at his uncle’s gas station, took an instant liking to Mr. Critzer who told George of his vision of a Big stone located somewhere out in California’s Mojave Desert. Frank was a self educated German immigrant and a follower of some of the greatest metaphysicians of the time such as Nicholas Tesla, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, and Edgar Cayce. Frank wanted to try his hand at prospecting for obscure earth metals in search of the philosopher’s stone. George was so mesmerized by Frank Critzer’s tale of the metaphysical and the promise of great wealth from minerals that he fixed Critzer’s car for free. George not only fixed Citzer’s automobile, but he also gave him canned goods and some additional money for a percentage of all of his future mining claims. Frank eventually found the big stone and carved out a comfortable place to live within the 8 story boulder. In 1942, eleven years after they met, Frank Critzer was killed based on erroneous information that he was a German spy.
This unfortunate event propelled George towards his fate. Upon hearing the news of his dear friend’s death, George left his job as a flight engineer and with his entire family in tow, he moved to Giant Rock and opened up a restaurant and airstrip to continue the work his friend had started.
In 1953, George Van Tassel had his own experience with extraterrestrials at Giant Rock. Van Tassel was woken from his sleep by an alien and taken up into a space craft.
This extraordinary experience was one of great purpose. George was given the encouragement to begin scientific research in order to perform rejuvenation of human cells. Van Tassel began to build a dome shaped structure called the “Integratron” with the intent of fulfilling human life extension.
therockGiant Rock The Movie fuses together elements of Sci-fi, adventure, government conspiracy, and actual historical events. Although this film takes some creative liberties, the historical sources and spirit of George’s legacy remains constant throughout. We must reflect on this film about the compelling life of George Van Tassel as not only an important part of our history but also as a very contemporary public message which has transcended the decades and has been continuously denied by all the world’s governments:
Aliens exist. They have made contact. They walk among us…

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

D Fryye on


Hey Mr. Crisman, This is Daniel fry. It's 5:15. Detroit time. Sorry I missed your call. I because we had run out of the house and I was trying to make it back anyway so I'll be here for the rest of the evening. And I hope we connect, otherwise we'll. We'll we'll both connected mixed whatever time we can connect but sorry I missed your calls. I've been missing your calls. So I hope you're having a great day. I'm having a great day. It's 88 degrees here in the house anyway. I'll talk to you soon I hope. Bye.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Still Joshua Tree way...

Still hanging out in the Joshua Tree area.  What an amazingly beautiful area out here in the great American desert.  Huge boulders in piles…  I was walking in the park (Joshua Tree National Park) and a car whizzed by at a high rate of speed.  After driving, perhaps a football field, it pulled onto the shoulder and stopped.  A rather rotund sixty-ish woman opened the door and began running towards me.  I discontinued my feet from their journey and stood, confused by the animated picture before me.  I thought she was going to drop dead under her own weight in the desert sun.  She made her way to me, her large frame bouncing every which way as she shrieked.  I could not make out whatever it was she was screaming.  As she came near she slowed and placed her hands upon her knees.   She wore a oversized white dress with a humble yellow flower pattern.   She huffed.  She snorted.   And, continued talking while she repeated herself - - da boulders!?  Da boulders!  Where do they come from?!!!  And she went on to tell me how they looked so strange to her.  They were so large and the piles were so out of place, that “ it looked like the devil flew over and dropped them out of the sky!”  And then of course there are the mysterious Joshua Trees.  It is a beautiful strange place.  Turns out the woman was a German tourist.  A silly encounter really, but, better running into a crazy German woman screaming at the devil in Joshua Tree than dealing with some next adventure with the ol' evil eyeball.  I told her I didn’t know anything about how the boulders piled up in Joshua Tree...  She thanked me and ran back to the car, bouncing, and huffing all the way.  Her German accent made me think about Frank Critzer.  I felt it was some sort of message, so I turned back and headed towards Landers, CA - a good day's walk.

UnderEarth ocean.

NASA has discovered a huge ocean between the Earth's crust and it's core.  They're discovering it because these otherworld beings are needing to use more water.  And, regardless, if it's because these aliens are looking to cultivate specialty waters from this inner area of the earth -0 their efforts have depleted our water sources, and there is a leaching process going on now as this surface water rushed into the inner earth to fill the void these aliens are creating - well, let's just say it does not allow for the natural energies to flow proper and it will certainly cause us all problems in the not - to - distant future. 
-D Fryye

Sunday, April 12, 2015


  • Face your bedroom intruder with courage
  • Transform your paralysis into a lucid dream
  • Meet helpful dream figures
  • Experience healing dreams and spiritual ecstasy
  • Dissolve fear and build courage in your dreams and waking life

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Joshua Tree Saloon..

Met a pretty little "bird" at The Joshua Tree Saloon a couple nights ago.  She was very English, (hence the use of the term "bird"), she was forty-ish, talked a bit too much...  Lovely to look upon.   However the topic of the English elites and class rule dominated the drinks and conversation.  Whatever oppression happened to her back there, did not sound pleasant.  Her looks and bright voice got us past the first twenty minutes, after that, it became quite tiresome.  Regardless, she did have a point.  If you're not wealthy in the U.K. - and, if you have the incorrect accent --- well, according to the "bird" you are simply f***ed.  The banks, the corporates, the high up government trolls...  Make no mistake who's in charge (try not paying your taxes this year).  I didn't have the heart to tell her that we're all jammed by the elites, it's not a U.K. exclusive.

It took me a day to get her to stop talking, it took me two days to get her to leave the cave.



The Integratron is a structure designed by ufologist and contactee George Van Tassel. Tassel claimed the Integratron to be capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel. He built the structure in Landers, California (near Joshua Tree) supposedly following instructions provided by visitors from the planet Venus. The Integratron machine was started in 1957, the structure was erected in 1959.[1] The structure was financed predominantly by donations, including funds from Howard Hughes.[2] Following Van Tassel's death in 1978, the building was owned by a series of individuals (and was left in various states of disrepair) before sisters Joanne, Nancy, and Patty Karl purchased it in the early 2000s. The sisters promote the Integratron as an "acoustically perfect structure," give tours and offer "sound baths" they describe as "...meditation-like sessions accompanied by tones from quartz bowls."[2]

Friday, April 10, 2015

per William Cooper.

adjective: replete

filled or well-supplied with something.

WILLIAM COOPER describes the history of men behind the men, an abundance of puppet masters throughout Earth Human history.  Secret societies, tribalism, the way of the dark hand.   Myth = all secret society works against the authority, per Mr. C, the secret society mirror ordinary life and tends to be the masters who are culling society.

Notes via The Secrets of th Mojave..

"Regarding abductions of people, they pick out medium to low IQ personnel. They are able to scope out each one (so we can do the same thing with electro-magnetic spectrum analyzers). (* I don't know this part -- word mixup -- drop). They pick up these people and then put implants into them and then take tissue samples, including ovum from the women, sperm from the men and DNA.

Greeks discussed UFOs..

As Pliny has said:
“Lightning and thunder are attended with a strong smell of sulphur, and the light produced by them is of a sulphurous complexion.”
With a small variation one could describe the modern paranormal phenomenon in similar fashion:
“UFOs and most paranormal occurences are often attended with a strong smell of sulphur, and the light produced by them is of a high energy quality, accompanied with a sulphurous complexion.”

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mind control...

"often times the subject will accept an implanted memory as his or her own.  could be accomplished by the unknown agent via blood pressure tests.  Subliminal conversation.  Drugs.  Anytime in the day when the subject is relaxed or tired.  Doped as well as suggestions...  Some nasty government evil eyeball shit is happening out there." -

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GMO being sold to the Earth Humans...

"You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you,” he said.

But when the reporter told him that they had prepared a glass and invited Moore to drink it, he refused, saying “I’m not stupid.”

“So, it’s dangerous?” the interviewer asked.

“It’s not dangerous to humans,” Moore replied.
He insisted that people “try to commit suicide” by drinking Roundup but “fail regularly.” Moore then walked out of the interview.
Crisman responding via unlisted internet blog..

"I can't say I know much of anything about bigfoot other than the public impression that the creature is a hoax, however, I can speak from personal experiences as to how seeing, and being around anomalous activities, that, your mind tends to not properly process the information (or, at least my mind doesn't).  I think we see more than what registers in our minds, and if it doesn't fit a brain pattern an atypical sighting of the world around us is simply dismissed, or put on hold for further processing within our heads.  So for example, if a hunter is in the woods of Kentucky and sees the branch of a tree move through the clutter of the surrounding landscape, as that person looks over and there is a glimmer of a creature with a coat of fur that camouflages its overall shape (perhaps a bigfoot like creature), it could easily be dismissed as the deer that was missed on the hunt.   Richard (a blogger), you are certainly correct in your statement that people lie, and tell tales...  No doubt there.  And I also agree that a collective understanding of UFOs would/could be known upon, as you say, if, "maybe a crash in some large city."  I agree with your insight on the subject, however, I find it interesting, that, having experience with UFO contact, that, whenever I talk about these adventures, I always find myself wondering if they really happened to me.  Yet, at the same time I know they were very real.  And, although, I do not "feed the aliens in my back yard", simply having participated in some unexplained cosmic exchange makes me contemplate your words "koo - koo" as they would apply to myself.  And the truth is, lot of days I'd say the shoe fits...  If in the brain of the "koo-koo" there is an impulse to invent a fable of bigfoot, or, that of a grey alien, it must be equally possible for the brain of a "koo-koo" to have experiences only to suppress the reality of those adventures.  That's what makes these subjects so confounding to our tribe here on planet Earth.  Regardless, I'm enjoying this thread.  Thanks for the insight."

My best from the great American desert = LEE

Monday, April 6, 2015

Weather / Climate Quartzsite has a classic low desert climate with extremely low relative humidity and very high summer temperatures. On the average, it receives less than 4 inches of precipitation a year. Stores, shops, restaurants, theaters and homes are air-conditioned year round in Quartzsite. 

posted via: SF8 F sW33

Clark McClelland on the Space Suttle Alien...

London: A UFO conspiracy theorist Clark McClelland who had claimed to be a NASA veteran, has said that he saw a nine-foot alien on the space shuttle.

McClelland has maintained the truth of his story, despite being dismissed by skeptics, as 'delusional' and never having worked with NASA, the Mirror reported.
UFO conspiracy theorist claims to have seen nine-foot alien on space shuttleMcClelland has posted a video on conspiracy website 'Paranormal Crucible' as a "testimony", which showed images of the plus size entity interacting with NASA astronauts in a bay of the shuttle, while he allegedly monitored it in an unspecified top secret mission , from Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

He added that he saw the alien for one minute and seven seconds.

A picture posted on his website shows him and Judy Resnick, the second ever US female astronaut who died in the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster, alongside six others.
Glowboy produced many of my conversations with Dr. Daniel Fryye.  From my Roswell days through the Red Mountain Compound...  One of my favorite conversations with the good doctor was #017.  It was just a relaxed conversation between the two of us about living in tipis, tracking devices in new cars, Arizona, new sex laws, and unplugging from what Dr. Fryye refers to as "Major Control".  And, in somewhat typical fashion, the ol' evil eyeball cuts them out of communication.  #017 is now up on the  Thanks for posting from the Crisman Archive Milt.

= my best from the great American desert.  -LEE
(sent via short wave D8if8882WiFiddle


CynthiaWhen I was in my thirties I found out from my father the truth about a government experiment that I was part of in which they were using other alien DNA to create me. I also have been on the ships most of my life off and on. I've had lots of contacts. Most of my contacts began when I was a teenager although I had it when I was younger. I was being taken. I've been taken on ships quite a bit.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Joseoph Manzarro interview, paired down for

We have an edited version of Lee's Joseph Manzarro interview.  The original was pulled per Mr. Manzarro's request, however, he managed to edit this interview down to an interview that satisfies his attorney's concerns (he has an ongoing legal action against the corporate hospital..).  We gained permission from Mr. Crisman's office to play the paired down version, and, it is now up and running on the stream.  Enjoy.

- Milt.
New instrument to hunt for aliens using infrared lightWASHINGTON: Could aliens be transmitting infrared beacons? If so a new instrument can detect them!

Astronomers have developed a new instrument that will scan the sky for pulses of infrared light to speed up the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

"Infrared light would be an excellent means of interstellar communication," said Shelley Wright, an assistant professor of Physics at the University of California, San Diego.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


“We have evidence of harm to animals that have ingested these products, but there have not been human clinical trials,” he said.

Crops that have been genetically engineered to the highest degree include soybeans, corn and canola.

“If the package says sugar and doesn’t specify sugar cane it’s from sugar beets and most sugar beets have been genetically engineered,” he said.


15 People Abducted By Aliens?

I was amused to see I’d made it into this list of 15 people allegedly abducted by aliens.Thank you …. I think? This story seems to have since been syndicated all over the world.

Friday, April 3, 2015

UFO photos FAKED again.

Fake California UFO Photo Fools Ohio TV News | VIDEO

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Fake California UFO photo fools Ohio TV news

By Alejandro Rojas

      The Camera360 phone app strikes again. Ohio’s WMFD News recently featured the story of a man who said he captured a UFO in a picture he took with his tablet while vacationing in California. However, the UFO image is one that comes with the Camara360 photo app for smartphones.

Open Minds recently featured other UFO and alien photos that were taken with this app and purported to be real. We were even approached at the UFO Congress by a young woman who said she had caught an alien in a photograph, but it turned out to be a joke she was playing on us and her parents using the Camera360 app.

Camera360 is a smartphone app that allows the user to manipulate photos taken on their phones. Among other effects, it lets the user add aliens and UFOs to their images. Unfortunately, it makes hoaxing a convincing picture very simple. However, WMFD should not feel too bad. News agencies across the world have been fooled by these pictures recently, including as far a Thailand and Indonesia.

Many of the hoaxers can be very convincing. Such is the case of Tom Young from Mansfield, Ohio. He told news reporters that he was visiting friends in San Carlos, California, and decided to take a picture of the beautiful view from their balcony. When he looked at the picture later, he says he was surprised to find a classically shaped flying saucer.

He told WMFD News that he doesn’t believe in extraterrestrials. He thinks the disc shaped object is advanced technology built right here on Earth. . . .