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Friday, February 26, 2016

Plato, Kabbalist There is little that should impress you in the writings of Plato, who is supposedly the greatest philosopher in history. On the contrary, there is much that should concern you, as Plato has been the founder of many of the totalitarian doctrines that have plagued the twentieth century. Rather, the only reason he has achieved the reputation he has is that, throughout the history of the Western and Eastern occult tradition, Plato has been regarded as the godfather of its doctrines, and as the great representative of those ancient traditions associated with the Kabbalah.
Among the prominent Kabbalists of the Renaissance, for example, was Leone Ebreo, who saw Plato as dependent on the revelation of Moses, and even as a disciple of the ancient Kabbalists. While Rabbi Yehudah Messer Leon, criticized the Kabbalah's similarity to Platonism, his son described Plato as a divine master. Other Kabbalists, such as Isaac Abravanel and Rabbi Yohanan Alemanno, believed Plato to have been a disciple of Jeremiah in Egypt.
On the similarity of the teachings of the Greek philosophers and the Kabbalah, Rabbi Abraham Yagel commented:  (read more:

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Media is Brainwashing...

"My alien brothers have indicated there is an oncoming shift to the Earth's axis that will change the current dynamic on the planet, and, take away a large population of beings, both through the dramatic change in the landscape, as well as the Earth human's inability to pursue mutual benefit." = Lee

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just replayed the Crisman show with reporter Dan Rather interviewing Keyhoe.  Rahter's at tool.  Let's just call it as it is..."  - M., Milt 

Banking run amok ..

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Scalia's passing.

Reports coming in from listeners...  Curious about the timing of Judge Scalia's Death.  Hope to discuss the subject in an upcoming broadcast (FRE:

Regulatory State ..

Friday, February 12, 2016

Clayton Morris ..

...famous Youtube UFO reporter Clayton Morris (Paranormal Report) was recruited by Fox News last year and now he has the seniority to pick a few of his reports and he is pushing the UFO facts on the world with his new found fame. This is fantastic. I thought he had given up on the UFO community and the research and support we try to give, but he didn't. He is still in the game and still fighting for the UFO community.  Welcome back Clayton Morris...very cool move. SCW

- - - CJ

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zip w/ Crisman in Bisbee...

"I met Crisman in a cheap motel down Bisbee way, prior to his Roswell days...   An associate brought him to a meeting I attended just prior to going into an old mine shaft next to the Copper Queen.   We had information indicating the government was running a secret base down there and we were going down on a somewhat curious (non-disclosed) mission.   Regardless, Crisman showed up with a blue shoulder bag which he indicated was loaded with alien objects that he had uncovered somewhere in the Mojave...  Not sure what all that was about.  Crisman didn't go into the caves with us.  He took off mumbling something about finding some sort of copper refinery."
- Zip M.