Thursday, July 7, 2016

LUNA G. VARGAS' INTERVIEW W/ DORA PEREZ FROM THE DOCUMENTARY "LEE CRISMAN - THE OTHER ALIEN." MS. DORA PEREZ: I met Lee at a bookshop in Roswell. He was a wreck. Long messy hair, scruffy, just looked beat by the world, but, those eyes... and that voice. I think at the time he was living in a small room in the back of the store while working by day for the owner in trade. He never really said, and to be honest, I never really asked. I just paid for my book and left. I told a friend of mine about feeling some.., connection with this un-kept compelling man at the bookstore. Of course, she immediately said it was the way it was going to be.., the Alien Love Bite or something.., but, I didn't think too much of it until later that night when she played Lee's show for me on the internet and that's really how I was sort of hooked on him, I guess. I bought more books then I could read over the next couple months. I was sort of turned into a groupie. Lee didn't have much interest at first. I showed up in some pretty sexy outfits, and I smiled a lot more than what would be considered human... He was always looking around me like he expected to see something else, or someone lurking behind me. It wasn't that he was nervous, he was very composed, but, something was working on him. It was all in his head, since, I mean, no one was ever there. I do have to say, it creeped me out sometimes... The way he was always anticipating other things around him. Unseen things. Once he bought me lunch and ended up climbing out through the bathroom window. Later, at my place, I found him hiding next to my house. He told me government agents were following us so he had to duck out. Okay.., yeah. It got stranger... Especially after we hooked up. In bed with him sometimes, or, after, for no reason he would heat up, physically, like, beyond normal... His chest and head would heat up... It was like a fever would take him over, and suddenly he would become really intense, and his eyes would change, like an animal feeling an epicenter move prior to the actual shockwave. One night he ended up on the foot of my bed, just sat there naked talking to someone, or something, for what seemed like hours, but, there was no one there. At least that I could see... Like a ghost. I remember couldn't move a muscle while this was going on, I guess that was a strange thing.., but, I just couldn't move. And at some point it sounded like I could hear there was another voice in the room, other than Lee's. I couldn't see Lee's face, but I could see there was nothing in front of him at the foot of the bed. And from time to time he would hold his head with his hand just above his right eye like there was sudden pain in his eye. Like I said there seemed this higher, strange voice that I could almost hear... Well, that was a too little Norman Bates for me. Guys, huh? (pause) I kind of miss him.
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Friday, July 1, 2016

Kim called in (928.275.2072)  and requested we play the Mark Brander Mind Control episode, yet, again.  Yes, Kim, that is currently on the Crisman Radio.   Thanks for taking the time to call us and let us know how we are doing.

- Milt