Thursday, October 20, 2016

And so why is there a naval base in the middle of the Mojave? - M. Milt.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


"I drink rye whiskey and eat peyote.  Both are currently actions unsanctioned in the contemporary realm.  However, just a few short decades ago it was the behavior of choice.  The thing to consider is, were we were being controlled by the ol' evil eyball (the illuminated ones) back then, or, have they finally gained the control they've always sought, and, now determine "appropriate" as a mechanical device of control?  They force me to hide out, and run, which, I favor, compared to a life of drone-ism, and mind rot." - Lee's comments on his OTHER ALIEN radio show broadcast from Roswell NM.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"I think they're doing it to take our minds of other things.  The media's just like that.  They like to talk about Detroit dying.  Detroit's been dying since the late seventies, but, they just love to talk about it like it's new, and, like it's huge, and somehow Detroit's demise was sudden and unexpected.  And then politicians that seem to despise each other create a government that's just taking care of ++the agenda++.  Right, left, pretending to care about their team, and ultimately they sneak all this stuff under the table....  They'll distract us with talk about the water, the drought.  Or, black white issues.  But, they don't change the black/white issues.  So it's talk and they distract and do the bullshit they do...  Support evil companies.  I love chocolate, but, a chocolate company should not control our water!  They should make chocolate (with less wax by the way)"

= D. Fryye on the